Gender stereotypes in the media - Essay Example

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The concept of gender stereotyping is one that is prevalent in society and which continues to drive forward thought processes and beliefs about sexuality. When looking at different ads and concepts, it can be seen that gender stereotypes is one of the driving factors of…
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Gender stereotypes in the media
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The concept of gender stereotyping is one that is prevalent in society and which continues to drive forward thought processes and beliefs about sexuality. When looking at different ads and concepts, it can be seen that gender stereotypes is one of the driving factors of commercials. These are used to create a specific impression about gender and what is expected with both feminine and masculine roles. To understand the gender expectations in a culture, one can look at and analyze various ads and the expectations that come from them. Within each of these are gender definitions of what a male or female type should be. When analyzing several commercials from Gender Stereotype (, specific roles can be seen that are based on expectations of each gender.
The first set of gender stereotypes presented in the first commercial show a distinct difference between the masculine and feminine roles. The male is seen working at a computer, which implies the function that men are supposed to have in society. When the woman comes into the room, she immediately begins undressing and getting into lingerie. Throughout the commercial, the woman represents the sex object that is able to entice men. Even though she walks in with a business suit, it becomes secondary to the lingerie. The masculine role is furthered by this when the sexual representation of the woman is able to interrupt the work that the man is doing in the commercial. More importantly, other men that see this on the webcam show the appeal to the sex object and the concept of men is based on the corporate and work figure.
The second commercial that is used implies the same concepts about gender stereotype. The female figure is again seen as a sexual object through the lack of actions that she takes. She is seen bathing in the sun with a skimpy bikini and is unaware of what is occurring around her. The male is in the background with a fake lawn mower, which he is using to watch the woman. The gender role of the woman is based on creating a specific sexual object and figure, while the male looking at the female implies a working man that can easily be distracted or changed by watching the opposite sex.
The third commercial holds to the same gender stereotypes that are incorporated in the media. There are several women that are seen throughout the commercial. Each are wearing shorter dresses, even with the work clothes that they are wearing. The size and figure of each of the women is a skinnier look, with longer hair, both which imply sexual figures. The roles that the women play in this commercial are all related to household work and duties that are outside of regular work. The gender stereotypes imply not only sex objects and expectations with look, but also the work figure that is domesticated. The male that is in the figure is a Mormon who is sharing the Bible with others. The male rides a bike by several of the women who automatically have an appeal to him because of the perfume he has. The implication in this commercial also shows the working male that is able to create a level of appeal and satisfaction through women’s expectations as the objective figure. Similar to the other commercials, the division in appeal is between the working male and the woman as a domesticated and sexual object.
The fourth clip shows the same gender stereotypes as the others with the representation of both men and women. The women in this commercial are again seen as sexual objects, all which are speaking about sex and relationships. When they are talking, they are responding to what the man wants with sex, such as the woman stating that she falls asleep after sex, doesn’t mind a missed birthday and is interested in a friend joining. The male is also seen as a stereotype and is represented as only relating to football, comic books and other masculine hobbies. The relationship dialogue also relates to what the “typical male” will do in a given situation and how he wishes a woman would respond. From both male and female perspectives, there is a specific association with how women and men should interact in relationships.
In the last series of clips, there are specific gender stereotypes that are directly stated from the media. Statements such as “a hoe is a hoe,” “the nagging wife,” Hillary Clinton stating “take out the garbage,” all present the domesticated woman that nags at the male. This moves into even deeper statements, such as the news reporter saying that it is men’s fault that they are allowing women to take over the world. References to Hillary Clinton as being too domineering and still speaking like a woman are also made through these clips. These several statements show that the expected stereotype for women is based on a domesticated wife or sexual object that shouldn’t have power in society. More importantly, the masculine role is one that opposes the woman as a work force or individual that can hold a specific amount of power.
The several clips that are seen in gender stereotyping have specific relationships to what is expected from both masculine and feminine ideals in society. The several clips show women as a domesticated figure as well as a sexual object that can please men. The masculine elements all show men as a working class figure that can be distracted by this; however, they hold more power and prestige within society. The comments made, as well as the representations and images that are in the commercials then create a specific stereotype about the different genders and the interactions that they should have in society.
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Gender Stereotypes in the Media Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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