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Gender stereotypes- choose an example of fashion or design that you feel is responding to stereotypical ideas of gender - Essay Example

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Sexualized and gender-stereotyped attires, products and services that are given to children are the central areas of concern and especially for parents. I think this is a fashion that responds to stereotypical ideas of gender in particular relating to clothes that are sold to…
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Gender stereotypes- choose an example of fashion or design that you feel is responding to stereotypical ideas of gender
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"Gender stereotypes- choose an example of fashion or design that you feel is responding to stereotypical ideas of gender"

Download file to see previous pages For instance, some of the clothes have evocative catchphrase (slogan) and a connotation of adult sexuality. These clothes comprise of bras, short skirts, and high heeled shoes with lace and animal prints (Challenge the media, 2014).
In addition, gender- stereotyped clothes is the main concern due to classification; they are sorted out in pink or blue as well as the feminine clothes for little girls and the army or sports clothes for boys together with the make-ups and accessories targeting girls. This makes it difficult for parents as children mind are set in search a way that they can only accept what they think is right for them as a boy or a girl. They even go to an extent of refusing to wear some of the clothes that are bought for them and even mock each other depending on the type of a cloth they are wearing(Bailey and Great, 2011).
According to John Berger in the ways of seeing “men act and women appear” Cited at Cranny, 2003 pg 140) .and so the manner and which a girl child will act matters most to her than how a boy child will be. In addition, the stereotypes have some conflicting factors especially when applied to certain social group due to their conflicting characters (Cranny et al, 2003). Therefore, the products and the clothing that have adult connotation are not so good for younger generations, and it is essential to put the parent concern at heart before marketing the clothes. Moreover, Gender studies and in design and fashion challenges certain beliefs and stereotypes and so the textile fashion and industrial design should be reconsidered in order to erase the conflicting issues creating concern for parents who have responsibility of raising children in the contemporary world (McDermott, 2007).
Challenge the Media, (2014). End the Sexualization of Girls and Young Women in Mainstream Media: Retrieved on 5th of February 2014 from ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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