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In your response, support the following statement: The medicalization of gendered bodies has served to shape, emphasize, control, and/or regulate certain norms and social hierarchies in highly specific ways - Term Paper Example

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According to Ritzer and Ryan, medicalization is the process in which “previously non medical aspects of life come to be seen in medical terms, usually as disorders or illnesses” (141). Medicalization seems to play a vital role in shaping, emphasizing, controlling and/or…
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In your response, support the following statement: The medicalization of gendered bodies has served to shape, emphasize, control, and/or regulate certain norms and social hierarchies in highly specific ways
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"In your response, support the following statement: The medicalization of gendered bodies has served to shape, emphasize, control, and/or regulate certain norms and social hierarchies in highly specific ways"

Download file to see previous pages that focuses on age related changes and social interactions of people and the functionalist view that illustrates the interconnectedness of social systems, social conflict theory describes the manifestation of inequality due to social class differences. Social class differences can be manifested in different ways. Gender inequality is one example of social class frictions. This social difference has created a notion that women are inferior when compared to their male counterparts. Women are seen as servants of the men, and they have to depend on men for survival in the society. Gender inequality has created a mind set that women come as a second option in the society. Thus, feminism; a movement that fights for women equality in society has evolved. Women medicalization is one notable out come of social frictions at the level of gender inequality.
Feminists view gender inequality as the key contributor to behavior and social organization that drives women’s moral and financial dependence on men. The dominance of males is clearly illustrated through the medicalization of the female body. Contemporary western societies have established high, unattainable standards of the female body and face and supported these standards for commercial and social reasons. The medicalization expresses the inequality that exists for women and is propagandized for commercial purposes. The Los Angeles Times reported that Dr. Matlock is for the idea “the woman is the designer and the doctor is just the instrument” (Davis 7).
The contemporary mass media has also established aesthetic standards for women appearance. From an early age, children are made to internalize how the female body and face should look. Disney cartoons, for instance, portray protagonists with large eyes, ideal skin and flawless body proportions that are impossible in real life. Girls grow up watching Little Mermaid, Snow White and Cinderella with excellent bodies along with charm and numerous talents, and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(In Your Response, Support the Following Statement: The Medicalization Term Paper)
“In Your Response, Support the Following Statement: The Medicalization Term Paper”, n.d. https://studentshare.org/gender-sexual-studies/1593335-in-your-response-support-the-following-statement-the-medicalization-of-gendered-bodies-has-served-to-shape-emphasize-control-andor-regulate-certain-norms-and-social-hierarchies-in-highly-specific-ways.
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