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To what extent can ideas from gender theories enrich the understanding of inequality between women and men already developed by feminist economists - Essay Example

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Differences arise out of gender differences between the two sexes and are social, economic and political in nature. Male dominance and superiority over women is the cause of inequalities. The…
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To what extent can ideas from gender theories enrich the understanding of inequality between women and men already developed by feminist economists
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To what extent can ideas from gender theories enrich the understanding of inequality between women and men already developed by feminist economists

Download file to see previous pages... Feminist economists do not approve methods used by neo-liberal economists in handling macroeconomic issues as they end up widening gender inequalities. Although humans are entitled to equal rights under universal declaration of human rights and states obligated to fulfil those rights, neo-liberal economic policies create a disabling environment for women’s enjoyment of human rights (Elson. 2002). On the other hand, ideas from gender theories can give a better understanding of gender inequalities as they try to give explanations or assumptions regarding the differences that exist between the two sexes.
Women are given unequal treatment from men in work places. They are paid low wages even if they perform similar tasks to their male counterparts as they are considered secondary wage earners and men as the bread winners as a result of normative assumption about their roles (Razavi & Hassim, 2006). Employed women still perform their house hold chores after work and hence are overburdened and have no time to relax while men have freedom to manage their time as they don’t engage in caring roles (Epstein, 2006). This contributes to inequalities between men and women. This can be explained by Bem’s approach whereby children learn through socialization or androgyny (Adrameg, 2010). Men are considered superior than women and male experience is the normative standard. According to Bem, boys and girls are treated differently and different opportunities hence learn about gender through repetitive actions. Judith Butler’s performativity theory also present gender as kind of doing which is repetitive ( 2004). Men hence don’t perform women’s household work as they are not used to doing.
Women are rarely involved in decision making especially in state matters. They have the knowledge and skills but are perceived to be irrational and not authoritative or powerful. Feud’s psychoanalytic theory tries to explain why men are superior ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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