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Bussiness research - Essay Example

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/Mrs. /Dr. _ and this questionnaire has been developed by the University Sports Centre (USC) with the main aim of assessing the exercise behaviours and satisfaction levels of the members. Please answer and be honest as you can to help…
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Bussiness research
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Questionnaires are the mostly used data collection tools since they are cheap to administer as compared to other data collection methods and also because the respondents are free to air their own opinions (Freed, M. et al. 1991). In order to have a questionnaire with the required scientific rigor, the research approached its design with following in mind;
The research went through the research objective; assessing the exercise behaviours and satisfaction levels of the members and came up with the important aspects which are important captured in order to aid in the achievement of the objective. Questions like gender of the member, age, member number and whether he/she was a student, member of staff or member of the public were considered as were deemed important to the study. According to the researcher, different age groups have different satisfaction levels. Also gender is an important determinant of satisfaction levels as also the primary exercises depend on ones gender. Further, it was thought that the length of stay in the USC had an important role to play in satisfaction and also recommendations. The researcher thought of the different exercises offered by USC as being important in the survey objective of assessing exercise behaviours and satisfaction levels.
In this world full of competition, the researcher decided to evaluate the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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