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The dilemma of state-building in Iraq: the challenges and difficulties in reconstructing iraq by iraqi people - Essay Example

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The geographical location of the country makes it strategically vital in the arena of the international relations. The importance of the country has been all the more imperative because of the huge sources of oil…
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The dilemma of state-building in Iraq: the challenges and difficulties in reconstructing iraq by iraqi people
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"The dilemma of state-building in Iraq: the challenges and difficulties in reconstructing iraq by iraqi people"

Download file to see previous pages tory of Iraq makes the fact pretty clear that the country is comprised of demographically and culturally different groups of people with different sects of the religion which has made the task of unified rule in Iraq all the more tough. The Kurd population in Iraq is more than 15% but they have always been ignored by the majority which has culminated a sense of distrust among the countrymen. Also, there had been infighting in between Shia and the Sunni.
The above factors and the differences had its toll even when the Iraq was set for restructuring after the decline of the rule of Saddam Hussein in 2003. The Coalition Provisional Authority, that was established in Iraq after Hussein was ousted by the forces from the United States, United Kingdom and other allied powers, also faced considerable troubles as they planned to restructure the country. It was so primarily because of the fact that the country had multi – ethnicity and the mutual trust and faith among such ethnic groups have been minimal since decades. The research proposal aims to study the problems that Iraq faces in terms of restructuring by the Iraqi people.
Till the early days 20th century, the present land of Iraq was under the Ottoman Empire. It was in the time of World War I, the Iraq was aimed by the British forces. The imperialist British tried to capture Iraq for the first time in 1915 - 1916 but failed. It was in the year of 1917, the joint forces of Great Britain and the France captured the capital city of Baghdad. As it was joint invasion by the two European super powers, in order to avoid collision of power between them, the British and the French governments signed the Skyes – Picot agreement of 1916 with the imperialist Russian government in confidence to keep their influence intact in the West Asia after the fall of the Ottoman Empire. Soon, under the influence of the British rule, the ‘State of Iraq’ was recognised by the League of Nations in the year of 1920 (Boesch, 1939).
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