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Business and Law - Essay Example

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The criminal justice system organizations in the U.K. basically encompass the police force, the Crown trial Services, the courts and Worldwide Criminal Administration services. These organizations work…
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Business and Law
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"Business and Law"

Download file to see previous pages sets out how the agencies of the Criminal Justice System (CJS) in England and Wales will work together to deliver a justice system which: Is effective in bringing offences to justice, especially serious offences; Engages the public and inspires confidence; Puts the needs of victims at its heart; and has Simple and efficient processes.” (Working together for justice: Aims and objectives, n.d.).
The Criminal justice system contributes tremendously towards maintaining justice in the country. It helps to identify illegal activities and abolish them, offers the sufferer and the witness sufficient assistance to prove the crime & awards punishment and rehabilitation to criminals. In any criminal justice system, it is important to recognize and fully understand the meaning of criminal behaviour, in the context of the constitutional or other general rule sources. A major bulk of the criminal suits in the English law system is dealt by Lay Magistrates. Most of the criminal suits begin in the Magistrates court itself. “The main advantage for using the Lay Magistrates are, Local Knowledge , Lack of Bias Gender Balance ,Saves Money , Saves Time.” (Lay magistrates, n.d.). An efficient criminal justice system always helps to increase the public confidence. The criminal justice system in the U.K. provides adequate support to sufferers and witnesses of the crime, mainly at the time of providing evidence and during the court procedures. Moreover, the Criminal justice system helps to save money at the time of expensive court trials. One of the major goals of the Criminal justice system in the U.K. is to considerably enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of all the concerned departments in the criminal justice system. “In Warwickshire an ongoing survey of victims and witnesses involved in the criminal justice system, and supported by VIP, indicates that 84% of victims and witnesses are satisfied/very satisfied with the criminal justice system and 94% are satisfied/very ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Business and Law Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 Words.
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