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'it's not enough to condemn crime, we need to understand its causes'. Critically analyse this statement from the perspective of right wing criminologists and on - Essay Example

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The happenstance of a crime is an event that is seen with substantial amount of fictional and factual fascination and the legal process that is associated with the crime event is quite structured and which has stereotyped view of the crime, victims and criminal justice. In…
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its not enough to condemn crime, we need to understand its causes. Critically analyse this statement from the perspective of right wing criminologists and on
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"'it's not enough to condemn crime, we need to understand its causes'. Critically analyse this statement from the perspective of right wing criminologists and on"

Download file to see previous pages This has worked to turn the legal system quite mechanical and the concept of crime that is seen with fear and disdain and not a social disease that has to be attacked from the roots. This paper examines the view that criminology should adopt a studious stance on the fact that the events of crime should not be considered as those that need just a structured meting out of justice to the perpetrator but that each crime event should be proactively viewed as an event that is caused by underlying social forces and equations that have given rise to root factors for its perpetration. Only when such a view is taken will the present criminal justice system emerge towards effective elimination or reduction of the crime from our society.
There has been tremendous interest of late into the political, social and commercial realities of the victims of crime. This is encompassed within a broad ranging view concerning the changing role of victims within the criminal justice process, their needs and rights, as well as victimological theories which help to explain and understand the process of victimization. In tandem to this there has been a parallel interest in the political, social and commercial realities of the perpetrators of the crime which lead to a set of factors that spurred the happening of the crime events. These augmenting factors if tackled and resolved effectively would help reduce crime. This, in fact is the preventive approach to crime. Different criminal justice systems the world over have different core orientations. For instance, the US criminal justice system views itself as following a “systems" approach to criminal justice, with improved coordination among law enforcement, courts, and correctional agencies.(Walker,1992) The 1967 Presidents Commission on Law Enforcement and Administration of Justice termed the criminal justice system as the means for society to "enforce ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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'it's not enough to condemn crime, we need to understand its causes' Essay. Retrieved from
('it'S Not Enough to Condemn Crime, We Need to Understand Its causes' Essay)
'it'S Not Enough to Condemn Crime, We Need to Understand Its causes' Essay.
“'it'S Not Enough to Condemn Crime, We Need to Understand Its causes' Essay”, n.d.
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