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MGT501 - Management and Organizational Behavior Mod 2 Case Assignment - Essay Example

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Flower(1995) tells us about his conversation with Kelly and mentions the fact that Kelly saw the organization as an organism, one in which there were many cells helping other cells in such a way as to predict what the environment might do. He tells us that all organisms and…
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MGT501 - Management and Organizational Behavior Mod 2 Case Assignment
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"MGT501 - Management and Organizational Behavior Mod 2 Case Assignment"

Download file to see previous pages The military is an elite organism made up of those who are more able than many. However, it is also unusual in the fact that its income or funding is determined by the governments budget. This is a challenge. They can be the greatest in the world but unlike many organizations, they do not earn more for being great, they must fit that greatness inside the budget given. They deal with this by basing many of their functions on economic laws. Those laws are applied to almost everything they do (Fedorov., 2001). It is a little strange to think of the military as an economic machine but it certainly is.
The military is a very close knit organism. They have a very organized way of managing to make each piece of the organism happen. Each one knows their job extremely well is very organized in his interaction with the other parts of the organism. Each cell does not think out of the box because they do not want them to think out of the box but follow the ritual exactly as it is written as it may save the life of one of the other cells later. .
Like the military, the orchestra is a system made up of many subsystems and like the military those subsystems are very responsible for carrying out their individual and distinct duties. The orchestra functions very much the same as the military in its demand for each and every person to know their job really well for the good of the whole organization. If the viola cannot play the music they are supposed to play tonight, he can endanger the whole program. Just like the military organism they work in harmony.
When the organization is a productive system which is the fact with both the military system and the orchestra, the open systems approach to analyzing their system is effective. In looking at a systems analysis which is shown above, the organizations environment and the relationship between it and the system are analyzed. The four major subsystems that are apparent are the economic system which we have discussed in the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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