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Midterm Analysis about an specific articles regarding Humen Rights - Essay Example

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Now the question arises as to how these human rights have actually been created when they were first not present in the world. This can…
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Midterm Analysis about an specific articles regarding Humen Rights
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Download file to see previous pages However as time passed by it came to the attention of all the human beings that their fellow beings had exactly the same feelings that they themselves possessed and these feelings should be respected. If this principle is understood we can further elaborate on this topic by going back to times when human rights did not even evolve. Thus it can be said that human rights evolved only because of the created awareness about the feelings and sentiments of human beings which helped all humans to realize about the inner self of their fellow human beings (Bourke 2007 & Langwith 2008).
In this world atrocious and despicable acts of killing, looting, raping, and torturing can be traced back to the times of the Jesus Christ himself and even before than that. These acts are still widely prevalent even now and because of these very acts the humans are not being provided with the dignity and rights that they rightly deserve. Thus to counter act all these acts a broad phenomena has been developed which is known as Human Rights. Human Rights are the rights which the human beings rightly deserve for living in this world. These human rights have been created over time as more and more became known about the nature of the human beings. These human rights urge individuals to treat every human as equal to them whether he is of a different class, gender or race. Human Rights have been officially recognized in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights by the UN Assembly (Bourke 2007 & Langwith 2008).
Joanne Burke in her article Sentimental Education tells that a revolution took place in the subject of human rights in the 17th century when the National Assembly of France itself stated the natural, unalienable and sacred rights of man. This was the beginning of the evolution of the concept of human rights which was further followed by other individuals who brought forward the message of human nature to the whole world (Bourke ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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