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Then the last step is verification where animation is incorporated in the modeling.
Answer: The STROBOSCOPE gave the earliest time the project can be started…
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Construction op. analysis (reading articles) R4
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Lecturer: CONSTRUCTION OP. ANALYSIS (READING ARTICLES) R4 Simulation of complex construction processes Question: What entails the simulation model of the construction process in the case study?
Answer: Design of the bridge where the performance of the vehicles using the road is modeled (Charnes, 1321 – 1328). Then the last step is verification where animation is incorporated in the modeling.
(2) Project scheduling using state-based probalistic networks.
Question: In simulation where the STROBOSCOPE is applied, what was the output and what is its significance?
Answer: The STROBOSCOPE gave the earliest time the project can be started and completed (Medeiros, 1287 – 1295). This implies that it is easy to establish the best time to create the start and end date of a construction project.
(3) Simulation of Concrete paving operation on interstate.
Question: What makes the construction process complex and how does Computer Simulation come handy?
Answer: The steps involved in the construction are continuous where the output of the preceding step is input of the succeeding step (Marwa, 1-9). Simulation comes in handy since in the modeling, the steps are events which are detached paving way for dynamic modeling. This way, the isolated condition will change drastically at the various instants.
Charnes, et al. Simulation of Complex Construction Processes. Proceedings of the 1996 winter simulation conference. Pp. 1287 – 1295. 1998. Print.
Marwa, Hassan, Gruber. Simulation of Concrete Paving Operations on Interstate-74. Journal of Construction Engineering and Management.134:1(2). Pp. 1- 9. 2008. Print.
Medeiros, et al. Project Schedule Using state-based probabilistic decision networks. Proceedings of the 1998 winter simulation conference. Pp. 1287 – 1295. 1998. Print. Read More
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