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Week 6 reading - Article Example

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This is because the drug was effective against the vector, Plasmodium. As a result, quinine proved to be an effective drug in the treatment of acute forms of malaria. In the days before World War I, quinine…
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Week 6 reading
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Download file to see previous pages It has contributed to medical technology especially by helping treatment.
Porter Beer is a dark beer made from brown malt. Brown malt was pale in color and was made from barley that was sprouted and then toasted. The process involved heating towards the end where some of the barley grain was burnt. This process also gave a smoky taste to the porter beer. However, this smokiness was not fit to be consumed which is why it was kept in wooden vats to reduce the smoky flavor2. The result of the process was a dark beer with a thick consistency that also included a tinge of yeast. Porter beer is significant in technology because it was an innovation of the time as coffee-roasting technique got to be applied at malt brewing.
A whipstaff is a bar which is attached to the tiller. It is a mechanical component that helps in steering. It is an important component and its invention was a huge success in engineering the sailing ship. It was a sophisticated technology of its time. The history of the ship steering wheel lends itself to the whipstaff which aided turning of the wheel. Moreover, it added convience for steering because it held the tiller. It is one of the earliest form of engineering design that added convenience for steering and paved way for further innovation in steering technology, especially for sailing ships.
2. London was an active site of production during the period of industrialization. With the onset of industrialization, it grew to become one of the fastest growing industrial city. The presence of River Thames provided a great opportunity for the construction of a canal and dock complex so as to help with the transportation of goods. London soon became a trade hub and a growing site of textile production. Textile mills were initiated as industrialization hit the city. London soon became an industrialized city with mills and factories characterizing its routine life where often families including children and women were employed. With growing ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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