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Internet and Electronic Marketing - Essay Example

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At the present, industries producing information technologies are the drivers of the financial growth, because the modernism produced by the telecommunications, computing, and electronic media industries have improved every business (small, medium and large). Additionally, the…
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Internet and Electronic Marketing
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"Internet and Electronic Marketing"

Download file to see previous pages In addition, a lot of corporations now understand that the internet is a very helpful tool for better serving customers and reaching into the international markets. As the production of a company increases the need for the distribution of these products to their target customers also increases. In this scenario, the internet marketing is the most excellent way that offers higher potency and access to international markets for the marketing of products. On the other hand, traditional marketing and its techniques have turned out to be less efficient to defeat the need for more targeted and wide marketing. But, with the use of internet, the techniques of marketing have changed and improved, and now corporations are more proficient in telling their stories and carrying out their marketing communications out there (Summers et al., 2003, p.67; Watson et al., 2000; Rao et al., 1998). This report presents a detailed analysis of the GAP enterprise and its marketing activities over the web. The main aim of this research is to discuss the GAP web business model, its customers, products delivery, services, 4P elements and target market.
“Marketing is the method of planning and implementing the ideas; pricing promotion and distribution of ideas, products, goods, and services to make exchanges that fulfill individual as well as company’s goals” (Summers et al., 2003, p.7). Kotler & Armstrong (2001) describe marketing as “a common and administrative method by which individuals and groups acquire what they need and desire by creating, offering, and exchanging products of value with others”. However, the emergence of the internet has made the process of marketing very simple. Since, the internet is offering an innovative universal technology structure to build all kinds of new products, services, policies, and organizations. It is reforming the techniques information is being used in business and daily life. Furthermore, by ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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...? <Electronic Marketing> and Section # of With the passage of time and the advent of information technology, Globalization is taking a toll. The phenomenon of the world as a global village is now more pertinent that ever before. As modernization is taking place, technologies that were once seen as far sighted notions, are becoming necessities to function. Businesses need to be agile and more technologically averse in order to maintain their competitive edge and create value. This paper would discuss the implications of Electronic Marketing. It would elaborate over how the advancements in technology and the advent of internet has assisted organisations in creating and improving customer value with the use of personalization and mass... is basically the management...
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... reach. It is also the evolution of the internet and its resultant user population increase that paved the way to the birth of a virtual community which spawned new products, new market, new market places, new commercial systems and thus, e-commerce and online marketing (Baker, T. n.d; Leiner, et. Al Dec 2006). Online marketing is distinguished from the traditional form in terms of the setting where products are marketed (Internet 2006). It refers to the process of advertising products in the internet. Ways of online marketing are similar to that of the traditional form except that the former is done using electronic versions (Geld 2003), that is, the printed brochures and flyers become electronic brochures and flyers, which could... in...
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...of the alleged wider scope of the internet marketing. The scope is wider because it involves both digital media such as e-mail and the wireless media. It is also important to note the fact that internet marketing also involves management of customer data which is digital and also an electronic customer relationship management (ECRM) system. In short, the internet has been able to provide most workable solutions that have been lacking in other forms of marketing for a very long time and thus the popularity of internet marketing is not coincidental. Internet...
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Electronic marketing essay about How can the Internet and related technologies assist organisations with creating customer value through personalisation and mass customisation
...communicated. And this can be done through the internet as more and more people will be able to view it through the network and make use of this information and benefit from it. People get better informed in this way and then in the same case, they have more than a lot of choices to decide from, i.e. which things to buy or not and what choices to make based on the information etc. Thus fulfilling each and every customer’s requirements in one way or the other. However there is a mind shift normally in the operational marketing and the strategic marketing techniques (Howell 2005). It is certain that the use of electronic media i.e. internet raises the...
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...that. And of course, the overall experience isnt the same – there is no music playing, no easy chair to slip into, no pastry to eat while you read, no liveliness, etc. For me, and a lot of people, going to a bookstore is an experience to be enjoyed, and you simply cannot get this from a cold website. 1.3 The Internet as a distribution medium for some industries verses others The Internet is more advantageous for some industries than others. Music is obviously an industry that is very conducive to the E-Commerce. A lot of people in todays world listen to music on their Ipod or other portable devices, so having an online store such as Itunes or the like is a great advantage and convenience, in that...
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...Under which circumstances do intermediaries have important roles to play in e-markets? And under which circumstances do they not? Introduction Internet has become a great opportunity for buyers, producers and sellers. Buyers for instance have more opportunities to choose variety of needs, products and services through online yet with little consideration in their search duration (Zumpano et al., 2003). Electronic markets are existing trends in today’s latest breakthrough of advanced information technology. Within this type of market system are incorporated fundamental roles of different players in the value chain. The major players in the value chain that are always taken into consideration are producers and consumers. However... strong...
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...Internet Marketing Affiliation: Use your imagination on how you would use this technology throughout the day and/or evening. Make sure to use examples where you can imagine awareness of, engagement with and loyalty towards the context-based mobile marketer. A text message wakes me up at 6.30am and even though I am still not done with dreamland yet, I flip across to the bedside drawer to retrieve my phone. The message is an advertisement from my favorite local coffee shop down the street that they will be having a new type of coffee at a discount and the loyal customers with coupons will be getting to try out their new secret recipe donut. There is no way I am not taking advantage of this...
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