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What is the value of play to promoting children's all round learning and development - Essay Example

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There are many contributing factors to the development and learning process and play is one of them. Play forms an essential part in…
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What is the value of play to promoting childrens all round learning and development
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"What is the value of play to promoting children's all round learning and development"

Download file to see previous pages Playing involves a great deal of things. It could be playing with fellow children, playing with toys, a child playing by themselves and or playing with adults like a parent or teacher. Playing is done a lot when a person is young and the games played go with stages i.e. as the child grows older the type of play changes with each stage that the child is growing, these stages of playing expose a child to new possibilities and experiences.
Since Child play is a universal subject, many scholars have addressed the issue of play and have developed theories on the subject. Pioneers in childhood and also modern day scholars have also widely discussed the subject and reiterated on its importance in learning and development. Governments have also made sure that play has been incorporated in the school curriculum. It will also be important to look at how the international perspective on child play has influenced various legislations to be incorporated into the education curriculum. It will also be important to look at the very crucial role that adults play (Burton 2002).
In recent years people have become busy and operating on tighter schedules. Children have not been spared and more academic expectations are being demanded from them. It is for this case that play has been included in the curriculum to provide children with an outlet. Play is an extra curricular activity that helps learners, especially young children, to release stress and anxiety that comes from a society that is currently demanding too much from them. Apart from this, play helps mostly in the development of a child both mentally and physically and also in many ways that help that child to learn.
In development, play helps a child to become physically strong or fit, up until the child is able to crawl, playing ensures that the child develops a strong physique. It also acts as a form of much required exercises, games like running ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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