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Reflective Paper: Learning and development of children - Essay Example

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Early childhood development is very crucial and highly important. Thus, parents must be responsible enough in guiding and nurturing their little kids for them to learn better about everything as they continuously grow. …
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Reflective Paper: Learning and development of children
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Download file to see previous pages In relation to this, there are parents who would love to expose their children on various learning environments outside their homes such as nurseries, primary schools, etc. in order to further enhance their learning development (“Building Partnerships,” 2013). In this case, both parents and practitioners need to collaborate with each other to give children full development and learning attention. In other words, parents would need the help of the practitioners and vice versa to give children the best of what they deserve. This papers aims to present and discuss the benefits of practitioners as they work with the parents. Reflections of the practitioner upon working with children, their families, agencies, and other professionals will also be presented along with the reflection on personal and professional development. It must also be noted that confidentiality and ethical issues in writing this paper had been seriously taken into account particularly the names of the parents and children whom the practitioner had worked with.
The benefits of practitioners in working with parents
Parents know best when it comes to their children. Among all people, the mother and father of a child have the best knowledge and understanding towards his/her attitudes and behaviors especially at home. As children grow older and as they start to explore the world, they highly need the help of practitioners for them to learn better and faster. ...
These skills are very essential when it comes to children’s learning and development. Written below are the various benefits that education practitioners acquire upon working with the children’s parents. Promote better understanding towards the needs of the children Upon working hand in hand with parents, practitioners will have greater chances to know more and understand better about the different attitudes and behaviors of children including their families’ values, beliefs, traditions, and practices. With these family background and knowledge, practitioners can freely make use of this information to create a comfortable and friendly learning environment. Practitioners can further know and apply an appropriate learning style and technique in accordance to the information given by the parents, thereby, resulting positive domino effects to the parents, practitioners, and of course to the children. Thus, working with parents can help practitioner in promoting better understanding on children’s attitudes and behaviors (“Building Partnerships,” 2013). Develop children’s sense of belongingness and self-identity Working with parents can greatly help the practitioners in aiding and guiding children towards finding and knowing their own selves, as well as helping them to acquire sense of belongingness. Self-identification and belongingness are two essential factors to be given importance as children continue to grow and develop physically, intellectually, and even emotionally. For children to know themselves better and to have a sense of belongingness among other children, they must know their own family values, traditions, cultures, beliefs, and practices which they can be first learned at home and from their parents. However, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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