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These laws govern how business establishments should behave and act in a way that is both beneficial to the interest of the company and clients. Employment laws are there to govern…
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Report Toys4U Ltd
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"Report Toys4U Ltd"

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On March 3, 2010 eight Polaris toy missiles arrived at toys4u from the supplier instead of the 10 because it was claimed that the two other were damaged during handling by the fork lift, and the other one was clearly badly broken due to transporting. The redundancy of broken toys from one delivery should have alarmed Toys4u that the whole stock might be defective; however instead of being careful and cautious the retailer went on disposing the product. Toys4U has been negligent to put first the safety of their clients. Mrs. Sharma can make her legal claims against the toy retailer for negligence. However, in the absence of proof that there has been neglect, Mrs. Sharma just the same can make a claim for the injury her son Pritam has suffered. Mrs. Sharma can also make a claim for a damage property under the same Act. These can be done even without proving the negligence of the producer as long as they can prove that the injury and the damage are direct result of using the product (Product Liability, Defective Products, Unsafe Products Quick Facts 2007).
The Polaris missile that was sold to Mrs. Sharma was clearly defective and therefore can be categorized as ‘unsafe product’. An unsafe product means in general something that the consumer does not expect from what she or he bought. When a consumer buy a product there is a general assumption that the product is safe for use. In the event that accidents like that of what took place at the house of Mrs. Sharma, there is provision in the law. Consumer Protection Act 1987 made a strict and clear liability concerning damage that is a result of a defective product. Damage means death, or injury; or loss or damage to a property including land (Derbyshire County Council Trading Standard Service 2010, p.1). The Act entitled Mrs. Sharma to a legal claim for the injury suffered by her son and for the glass ceiling lamp ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Report Toys4U Ltd Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 Words.
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