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What do you perceive to be the main benefits and criticisms of RCT - Essay Example

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The subjects are chosen randomly and administered the medicines under controlled environment, sometimes with placebos so as to reduce the psychological barrier to being treated…
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What do you perceive to be the main benefits and criticisms of RCT
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"What do you perceive to be the main benefits and criticisms of RCT"

Download file to see previous pages The RCT facilitates research and development of new clinical interventions and contribute towards the enhancing of medical knowledge.
RCT is highly relevant in the present time of advancing medical science that encourage researchers in their effort to discover new models of methods and medicines to reduce pain and find cure for diseases. It is most efficient way of validating the effective outcome of new clinical intervention.
The most important criticism is that RCT treat human beings as guinea pigs who may experience adverse impact that may be or may not be fatal. Hence, RCTs endanger one’s life. RCTs are also criticized because even with consent, they are ethically wrong to put someone’s life at stake because people who receive the clinical intervention are expected to experience a particular type of change in some physiological dimension. RCT is also not feasible or appropriate in some cases like cancer screening where the impact is visible only after a long period of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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What Do You Perceive to Be the Main Benefits and Criticisms of RCT Essay.
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