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Analyse the contribution of yeats to the irish cultural literary revival - Essay Example

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B Yeats, one of the greatest English poets of the present century expressed romantic tradition in his early poems influenced by Blake, Spenser, and John Keats. William Butler Yeats is often considered as the founding member of both the Abby theatre and the National Dramatic…
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Analyse the contribution of yeats to the irish cultural literary revival
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"Analyse the contribution of yeats to the irish cultural literary revival"

Download file to see previous pages Yeast’s rich knowledge about Irish myths and legends and his meetings with Freedom fighters like John .O. Leary inspired him to write about the concept of Nationalist Ireland. Online article titled Irish Literary Revival gives relevant ideas about the Irish Literary Revival. It remarks; “But it was the Revival, and the Abbey Theatre, in particular, that brought the movement to redeem Irish culture and language from the closed councils of a few, to the mainstream life of the common person” (Usher, M., Jeremy, 2000).
Researchers and historians have mentioned that both Abby theatre and the National Dramatic Society have played a significant role in literary revival. These two institutions have paved the way for new poets and dramatists in to the new world of literature. In his online article entitled Irelands Literary Revival: The Story of Irish Literatures Renaissance: Yeats, Synge, OCasey, Mike Gerrald comments : “It was a period when people including WB Yeats, JM Synge, George Bernard Shaw and Sean OCasey were writing” (Gerrard, Mike, 2007).
Literary researchers mentioned that Yeats helped to drive out the existing political and cultural superiority of Britain in Ireland. Yeats and his followers have broken the shadow of British dominance in the field of Irish literature and they found the soul of Irish literature. Through his literarily works W.B Yeats had explored social, cultural and political tradition and diversity of Ireland. His poems have provided a new spirit of nationality to the people in Ireland lead the formation of various national organizations. The web article entitled W.B. Yeats and the Irish Literary Revival helps the reader to understand more about Yeast’s contribution in Irish literary revival. It comments that; “Yeats and the Literary Revival did indeed contribute to the formation of the new sense of national identity that was also being promoted by agencies such as the Gaelic Athletic Association and the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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