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Describe the international market for building materials. What products make up the building materials market, and what share of the market does each product represent How is demand distributed world-wide, and which countries can be described as key - Essay Example

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The format that this paper will utilize is to first identify what products make up the building materials market and then determine what share of the international…
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Describe the international market for building materials. What products make up the building materials market, and what share of the market does each product represent How is demand distributed world-wide, and which countries can be described as key
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"Describe the international market for building materials. What products make up the building materials market, and what share of the market does each product represent How is demand distributed world-wide, and which countries can be described as key"

Download file to see previous pages From this perspective, this paper will put a primary focus on the products that could be considered the most traditional. Concrete, steel, wood, glass, plastic, rock, foam, composite materials and mud/clay (Rammed earth) can all be considered fundamental to the construction of most modern structures however this paper will focus on three of the most common building materials, concrete, steel and wood and how this can relate to CEMEX.
In regards to concrete according to the American minerals commodity summary it is the concrete is used for more building structures than any other man made material and it is the case that in 2006 more than 7.5 cubic kilometers of concrete are made in a given year which would reprehend a significant source for the construction of major projects. Concrete is often used because of its highly flexible nature which can more or less be molded into any number of different shapes yet still offers a high degree of strength. In the CEMEX context it is the case that the company had its origins in concrete which still serves as a cornerstone of the company’s product offering.
The next major product that will be examined will be steel. This product has been used as a major source for building materials since ancient times when the product was used as wood fasteners. According to the world steel association (2008) it is the case that three years ago the global production in steel amounted to approximately 1,350 million metric tones of which approximately 36% was produced in the Chinese market. The benefit to steel as a building material is the high strength that the product is able to maintain insofar as the product itself is very strong. Secondly it is the case that the product is very adaptable insofar as it can be forged into many different shapes whilst still retaining its strength. Lastly it is the case that the product is very good at working in conjunction with other building ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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