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Business Management -----motivation and leadership for one of the campany - Essay Example

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The company owned by the McDonald’s Corporation which is based in the USA, has dominated the market with a brand image that stands for quality food, fast service and most importantly value for money. In…
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Business Management -----motivation and leadership for one of the campany
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"Business Management -----motivation and leadership for one of the campany"

Download file to see previous pages But McDonald’s sustained itself because of its willingness to innovate and its efforts to attain consistency in the operations of its many outlets.
McDonalds business model has been largely responsible for its success. But there is no doubt that its leadership style and its endeavor to identify and develop leadership competencies has equally helped it to achieve success around the world. At McDonald’s maximizing business performance, coaching and communication, improving the performance of teams are the key leadership competencies. The leadership style is a mix of leadership styles with a mix of components of hard skills such as maximizing business performance and soft skills such as coaching and communication that are soft skills. The company is aware that leadership skills must change with changing business circumstances. Hence the management is constantly surveying the external and internal business environment to ensure that the company’s leadership style reflects the current business needs and environment.
The philosophy practiced at McDonald’s is to select the most successful features of established leadership and management styles and incorporate them into their business model. This approach seems to have worked when you consider McDonald’s success around the world. The management style has aspects of various management and leadership styles amalgamated into one approach for leading and motivating the organisation. Its approach has features taken from management styles outlined by Maslow, Taylor and Herzberg and the Democratic style of leadership.
McDonald’s business model is represented by the “three-legged stool”. The success of the company is because of the strong alignment forged between the Company, its employees and its franchisees that own and operate the majority of the Company’s restaurants and suppliers who provide the food and packaging. This model focuses on open relationships between the three. The company ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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