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It was not without irony that the amount totals the accumulation of the $10 million dollars filed for by Rudy Baylor against Great Benefit Life Insurance, the $40…
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The $50.2 million verdict brings a bittersweet conclusion to the scheme that ultimately killed Donny Ray Black. It was not without irony that the amount totals the accumulation of the $10 million dollars filed for by Rudy Baylor against Great Benefit Life Insurance, the $40 million accrued by the company from the scheme and the $200, 000 that was necessary for the boy’s bone marrow transplant. John Grisham’s adapted to film legal fiction novel “The Rainmaker,” bursts at the seams of ethical dilemmas and moral conflicts from almost all of its characters and the circumstances that confront them.
It is quite obvious that the insurance company was dishonest in their implementation of a stratagem that compromises the health of the customers for which their company is concurrently built upon. The decision process that a company should use to draw its policies should be a 360-degree conscientious effort to ensure that none of its provisions violate the moral and ethical standards it wishes to adhere upon. Moral rules should be engaged in the forming of the corporate bylaws so that all are within the scope of what is legally permitted. This calls for legal advisers knowledgeable in the conjuncture of business and law as well as the company executives who have firsthand knowledge of how it operates. Moral principle is something that is formulated within the company and determined by the individual components of the organization. This is what differentiates one company from all of the other companies. Moral standard is identified by the industry for which the business belongs to. This is put together by practitioners of the said trade.
Great Benefit Life Insurance neglected the moral rules and the moral standards in how they conducted their business. Motivated by the prospect of high profits, they were willing to deviate from legal and ethical standards which caused them an enormous stake in the end. The quest for profit was its downfall as the company declared for bankruptcy and many were left unemployed. Consequently, the Blacks who wanted none of the money from the civil case and Rudy ended up with nothing. It was a no-win situation instigated by corporate misjudgment and moral bankruptcy.
The Rainmaker. Dir. Francis Ford Coppola. 1997. Read More
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