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Ethical or Unethical Socially and Environmentally - Essay Example

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Cocoa has been in use over years in beverages and its growing has been embraced as an important economic activity by many within the cocoa growing regions like within the Western African countries. However, a controversy in ethics as are observed within the industry between…
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Ethical or Unethical Socially and Environmentally
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Download file to see previous pages There are various concerns that have been pointed out to be of social interest while analyzing the ethic observed while producing cocoa. Among these issues is abusive children labor, issues with profit and protection as well as lack of proper ownership structures (Berlan, 2009). In regard to child labor, it has been established that a lot of children suffer trafficking and are taken to serve within the cocoa production farms as well as through the processing plants. In spite of increased efforts by the government to control the issues of forced labor on children, children trafficking as well as abusive practices on children within cocoa farms, the activities prevail and this is termed as unethical (Isern, 2006). This therefore shows that the entire process of producing cocoa can be said to be unethical socially as show through the abusive child labor is propagated.
On the other hand, profit protection has also been termed as unethical and has been shown to persist within the cocoa farms. This is propagated by all players, right from the farmers, the middle men as well as the people involved in chain of delivery who all strive to maximize on their profit margins. In the process of targeting the high profits, the production has been characterized by unethical behavior hence the support of the thesis statement. Besides, lack of ‘ownership’ as is the common excuse adopted by all players within cocoa production industry has been used to explain propagation of the social vices like the trafficking of children and the unreasonably high prices. Every culprit interjected reasons that he/she has bought the product from middle men and hence the social concern (Blowfield, 2003).
Besides the economic sense that is associated with production of cocoa, players within the system of production have been pointed ought on unethical behavior on farming practices which have contributed to environmental pollution through dumping of chemicals and fertilizers on the ground ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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