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My point of view on assisted suicide - Essay Example

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Euthanasia is the intentionally killing of a human being for his or her supposed benefit. Importantly, euthanasia is an intentional…
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My point of view on assisted suicide
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"My point of view on assisted suicide"

Download file to see previous pages Jack Kevorkian, an unrepentant medical practitioner who openly engaged in euthanasia among terminally ill patients and a recent case in the United Kingdom in which Mr. Alan Reyes of East London publicly helped his partner end his life and was subsequently arrested for the subsequent death of his partner of twenty eight years. Dr. Kevorkian, was incarcerated for eight years for helping people to die, and is reported to have participated in at least 130 assisted suicides. To understand the complexities surrounding euthanasia today as the debate continues, the followin will address both sides of the coin and explore euthanasia from a holistic perspective. This essay begins now with a concise introduction to euthanasia and the ethical, social and legal aspects of euthanasia in America (CNN 1999; BBC 2009; StopPain 2009).
From an ethical and legal standpoint the euthanasia issue is heavily charged and polarizing. Anti-euthanasia advocates argue that doctor assisted suicide is murder and that it must be opposed on both ethical and legal grounds. Pro-euthanasia advocates believe that the right to life is an intrinsic right and no one can tell a person when he or she can end their life. The decision end one’s life is thus a personal decision and the state has no place telling a terminally ill person that he or she cannot make a conscious decision and choose to put an end to his or her life. From a purely legal standpoint, all forms of euthanasia remain illegal in all 48 of the 50 states of the United States (both Oregon and Washington presently allow a limited form of doctor-assisted suicide) and most of the Western world. In Europe, notable exceptions include Belgium, Luxemburg, Switzerland and the Netherlands. Despite this, all forms of doctor assisted suicide remain illegal in much of the developed world including the United Kingdom, France, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(My Point of View on Assisted Suicide Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words)
My Point of View on Assisted Suicide Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
“My Point of View on Assisted Suicide Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words”, n.d.
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Assisted Suicide
.... Their function is not to kill them out of mercy. So if a doctor or physician carries out such a practice then he is disobeying the rules set out for him in this field (Mengal et al 2002). I agree with Wolf’s view after she is considering her views on assisted suicide. She saw her own father’s death and realized the suffering of death. She is right in considering about her opinions on assisted suicide. However if the other point of view regarding assisted suicide is taken into consideration it can be concluded that Susan Wolf is wrong in her plea. In many cases it is...
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Assisted Suicide
...? of the of the Assisted-Suicide The question of life is a very sensitive one, especially when it comes to the life of a loved one that when under jeopardy, makes you question every moral principle of yours. According to the article, the girl gives in to the pain of her father and supports the ideas of assisted suicide. Her father was diagnosed with a metastatic head and neck cancer, which with the passage of time worsened, until a time came when he was made to swallow food through the tube. The worst part was that the cancer began to grow, eventually spreading to the lungs, which made the situation even more painful for him. Tube feeding was the worst part and it started...
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Assisted Suicide
...of medicine or years of treatment. Some patients think that they have a right to make a decision about their life and opting for a more dignified death. Thus, they go for assisted suicide or passive euthanasia. Should it be legalized with individual’s consent? Individual’s consent matters the most. In the other case, obviously, it becomes a murder. But if the patient agrees, then his informed consent matters a lot. After all, it is he who is suffering from all the pain and distress. However, legislators have a controversial view on the issue. They think that assisted suicide should not be legalized even with the individual’s consent. According to Forman...
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Assisted Suicide
...viewed in bad light, especially by some religious organizations such as the Catholic Church due to the fact that Christianity teaches that God is the overall creator and as such, he is the only one who can take away life. In this context, it is believed that committing suicide denies one the right to go to heaven as it is an unforgivable sin (Foley, 2002). However, the concept of assisted suicide is not unique to the contemporary society. In ancient Greece, 1st century B.C, the practice was common and the government supported it by way of supplying lethal drugs to persons wishing to commit suicide. This was perceived as a way of preserving a person’s...
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Assisted Suicide
...?Assisted Suicide Assisted Suicide Introduction Death that is slow and extremely painful in nature is a misery that almost everyone experiences and every one wishes that no one should experience this kind of death. Those who favor assisted suicide claim that health care practitioners force painful death on those patients who do not wish to experience it. The question that supports the very foundation of assisted suicide is that how professionals of health care should should react if their patients are suffering from a disease that cannot be cured and if they want to take the easy route of...
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Assisted Suicide
...). Attempted suicide is not a criminal act and of course successful suicides are not either, there is no point to it. However, helping someone to die is a felony no matter the circumstances. If you try and fail at suicide you get treatment but if you assist a person desperate to die and begging your help you go prison for a long time. This societal reality defies logic and reason. This one aspect of the euthanasia debate alone is reason enough to reexamine the legality of DAS. Self-Determinism The government serves the populace well, generally speaking, providing schools, roads, a court system, military and fire and police services. Government officials...
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Assisted suicide
...suicidal intention is related with a record of despair and present pressure from a psychological disorder. A previous suicide attempt is the second risk factor contributing to increased assisted suicide in the global point of view. It is obvious that teen suicide victims make suicide attempts proceeding to their finished suicide. Worry decreases the probability of suicide attempts but augments the possibility of recurring suicide attempts. With every successful effort, the risk of finished suicide augments (Gunn & Maimon 322). Access to...
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Assisted Suicide the existing law which does not consider suicide a crime, but instead holds tough measures for those assisting in suicide. Whether or not to enact legislations sanctioning "assisted suicide" is unending discussion that has and will always generate an intense moral controversy. Most countries in the world have come open to oppose this act with the World Medical Association and AMA taking the lead. On their part WMA hold the view that “Euthanasia, that is the act of deliberately ending the life of a patient, even at the patient’s own request or at the request of close relatives, is unethical. This does not prevent the physician from...
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Assisted Suicide
...Running Head: ASSISTED SUICIDE School: Topic: Assisted Suicide Lecturer: presented: Introduction The term assisted suicide is commonly used to refer to a situation whereby a person suffering from a terminal illness is helped with the means to terminate his or her life in order to protect the patient from continued suffering (Sissela, 2005). It is a controversial action conducted by physicians especially due to the fact that it is widely believed that God is the only giver and taker of life and therefore, no human being has the authority over another’s life. Terminal illnesses are those infections that have no known cure and which can...
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Assisted suicide
..., whether it is a physical, mental, or emotional suffering. In a religious context, suicide and assisted suicide are considered sin as many religions believe that only God can determine when someone should die. As there are so many views of suicide and assisted suicide, it can be said that there is no right or wrong view; every individual and every state and country holds to their own beliefs in this matter. Assisted suicide takes place when one person helps another person commit suicide. The assister’s responsibilities can range from...
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