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Assisted Suicide - Research Paper Example

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Name: Institution of affiliation: Date: ASSISTED SUICIDE Gregory Rodney loved life. But Gregory Rodney could not take in the pain anymore and now he wanted to die more than anything else. As a researcher, he had spent the previous thirty years studying the uses of X-rays, a factor that exposed him to his present problem…
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Assisted Suicide
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Extract of sample "Assisted Suicide"

Download file to see previous pages Doctor’s report that indicated he would live for another year made it even worse. Confined to his bed where he lay with teeth clenched to indicate the unbearable pain, he begged to be helped out of his gloom. Gregory wanted so bad to die that moment. His request fell on deaf ears. Then, one day, Gregory brother Arnold, unable to ignore Gregory’s insistent plea, went to home, retrieved a .30 caliber gun from his drawer, drove to the hospital, shot and kill his brother. Arnold was later tried for murder( Medical field has realized significant advancement, thanks to the technological field, that has allowed medical specialists to save more lives than ever before. Medicine has made available means to treat or lessen agony of persons suffering from diseases once considered terminal or painful. In the same line, however, medical technology offers us the chance to sustain the lives (or, others would term it, delay the deaths) of: persons whose mental and physical abilities cannot be restored, persons whose deteriorating status cannot be stopped and persons whose pain cannot be eradicated. Even as medicine tries to draw more and more suffering people from the edge of death, the cry seeking to mercifully end lives of tortured and deteriorating patients continue to grow louder. For instance, the California State is asking its residents to drum up support for a program termed “the Humane and Dignified Death Acts” ( Forman, 47). This act seeks to make it legal for physicians to end the life of terminally ill patients if requested by the patient, and having followed a legal procedure. This law will make some alteration to the existing law which does not consider suicide a crime, but instead holds tough measures for those assisting in suicide. Whether or not to enact legislations sanctioning "assisted suicide" is unending discussion that has and will always generate an intense moral controversy. Most countries in the world have come open to oppose this act with the World Medical Association and AMA taking the lead. On their part WMA hold the view that “Euthanasia, that is the act of deliberately ending the life of a patient, even at the patient’s own request or at the request of close relatives, is unethical. This does not prevent the physician from respecting the desire of a patient to allow the natural process of death to follow its course in the terminal phase of sickness.” ( Proponents of laws that legalize assisted suicide argue that all persons posses a moral right to freely decide what they do with their individual lives, only that they should not interfere or cause harm to others. This school of thought has it that free choice goes as far as the right to terminate one's life if such a person wishes to do so. In the case of most individuals, the right to terminate one's life is an easy exercise; however there are others who desire to die, but the conditions they are in makes it impossible for them to cut off their lives with dignity( Balkin, 36). This people suggest that such people should have their wish to exercise their right to life granted whenever they request. Supporters of this idea further assert that we ourselves should be at the fore front to alleviate suffering and pain of other human beings. This thought also suggests that we should endeavor to respect their dignity. Talking a walk in our hospitals today, one will find individuals afflicted with ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Assisted Suicide Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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Assisted Suicide

... learned that his cancer is untreatable and he would die soon or late even if the medications are continued. It is in this situation that the possibility of assisted suicide is taken into consideration by the family members and John. Now it is for them to decide as to if to carry out the process or not. John wants the process to go ahead so that he can die easily. In my belief this situation can only be handled by assisted suicide so that his pain can be relieved. In my belief assisted suicide should be made legal for those people who are mentally sound to make decisions. It is the last moments of life which put people in a terrible condition that they are forced to take decisions which would take their life. In these conditions it should...
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Assisted Suicide

...since in a few days’ time he developed massive bleeding. To this response it was not easy for her to decide even though she wanted to say no but it was not a choice, given her father was in severe killing pain and was very depressed about his illness. So ultimately, she gave in. If I put myself in Wolf’s situation, despite being against the assisted suicide, I would have made the same choice. Because seeing someone in such pain cringe the heart and especially when it is someone you are related to, the pain just takes away your soul. Looking at the pros and cons of assisted suicide, the major con obviously is accelerated death which is really hard to accept because you...
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Assisted Suicide

... of medicine or years of treatment. Some patients think that they have a right to make a decision about their life and opting for a more dignified death. Thus, they go for assisted suicide or passive euthanasia. Should it be legalized with individual’s consent? Individual’s consent matters the most. In the other case, obviously, it becomes a murder. But if the patient agrees, then his informed consent matters a lot. After all, it is he who is suffering from all the pain and distress. However, legislators have a controversial view on the issue. They think that assisted suicide should not be legalized even with the individual’s consent. According to Forman (8), Oregon passed the Death with Dignity Act in 1997, which legalized the physician...
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Assisted Suicide

...and how to die. Assisted suicide therefore becomes a viable option whereby the patient requests another person, for example a physician, to assist him in ending his life. The physician provides the patient with the means to commit suicide but the act itself is upon the patient to carry out. This is as opposed to euthanasia whereby the doctor is directly involved in the termination of a patient’s life (Morrison, 2008). However, there are those on the opposing side, who feel that legalizing assisted suicide will cause more harm than good. This paper is a critical evaluation of assisted suicide and why it...
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Assisted Suicide

... arguments that are in favor and not in favor of assisted suicide. According to Webster, assisted suicide falls under the umbrella of euthanasia (McDougall, 2008, p.1). The term euthanasia is referred to as good death, this term is mostly used when health care practitioners ends a patient life in order to help him avoid his unbearable sufferings. Euthanasia is divided into two kinds, active and passive euthanasia. Active euthanasia refers to activities conducted to put an end to a patient’s life; it is even recognized mercy killing. Majority of the jurisdictions around the world has pronounced mercy killing as illegal and has even referred to it as murder. Passive euthanasia refers to an act of allowing a patient to die even when...
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Assisted Suicide

... as the minutes, days, months and years pass? Most, it would seem, would be praying to die wondering why anyone would be allowed to suffer physical and psychological pain endlessly. It is the worst type of torment, one without control or end. If you can speak, no health care worker will hasten death. If you cannot speak you cannot even express your wishes. If you were the family dog, society would have fully condoned that the “humane” option was taken and you were “put to sleep.” Laws that prohibit euthanasia are government mandated torture. The option of euthanasia, or doctor assisted suicide (DAS), strengthens the important doctor/patient relationship, respects an individuals dignity and right of personal autonomy in addition to reducing...
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Assisted suicide

.... In contrast, self-derogation is a theory predicting that low self-worth motivates the young to try out criminal behaviors that are meant at re-establishing sense of worth. This is a paper that critically examines assisted suicide through the use of differential association theory and self-derogation theory. Crime: Assisted Suicide Life can have different meanings and impressions on different people. Some people might see it as the need of having a continued well functioning of human body and the brain. Others might see it as the continued long term experience with the life of a human being (Miller 25). Many doctors have been able to perform some physician-assisted suicide, which sees a doctor sets up some machine and the patient ends...
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Assisted suicide

...a patients death by injection of a lethal dose of medication. In physician-assisted suicide, the physician prescribes the lethal dose, knowing the patient intends to end their life. Giving medicine to relieve suffering, even if it risks or causes death, is not assisted suicide or euthanasia; nor is withdrawing treatments that only prolong a painful dying process. The argument in favor of euthanasia usually justifies itself by citing compassion for the pain and suffering of terminally ill or respect for “patient autonomy.” (Hendin, 2004). The online Medical Dictionary defines “patient autonomy” as: “Patient Autonomy: The right of patients to make decisions about their...
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Assisted suicide

... basic suicide, except that it requires the help of others to go through with it. Like suicide, assisted suicide is undergone when a person is unable to handle being alive anymore. They are having problems in life with their family or friends, or are simply having problems with themselves that they feel unable to solve. Some people are even in positions of being ill or in pain, yet live in a state that does not sanction euthanasia or physician-assisted suicide, so they take it upon themselves and the help of another to end their life. Each person that contemplates suicide, assisted or not, has their own reasons for why they want to end their life. It all comes down to the fact that they do not want to continue living. Similarly, each...
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The Problem of Physician-Assisted Suicide

...medical illness; however, depression and associated suicidal ideation tend to be undertreated in the medically ill.” It is the time when such illnesses become life-threatening that the patients of the clinician are faced with very tough decisions of ending their life or not. In the United States there is a huge panic about the problem of physician-assisted suicide and ethics of end-of-life decision making. Among the medically ill the data on the occurrence of suicides are inadequate. (Hughes & Kleespies, 1998). However information shows that the popularity of medical illness amongst suicides varies from 30 to 40% (Mackenzie & Popkin, 1990; Whitlock,...
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Assisted Suicide

... disappears, it is best for that individual to take a bow and make his exit. The pro-life groups argue, that life being the most valuable thing; one has to sustain life under all circumstances and at all costs. Legal verdicts, public opinions, ethical theories, political decisions, have all varied from time to time. This article will examine all these various aspects pertaining to assisted suicide, and take a stand in its favour, under certain terms and conditions Assisted Suicide: Mercy Killing or Murder-“Whose Life is it anyway” Executive summary: Assisted suicide, in various forms, has been under debate from times immemorial. Public opinion, legal viewpoints, medical discourses on this topic, all...
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Euthanasia an Assisted Suicide

...the concept of assisted suicide from the beginnings of mankind but the broad public conversation concerning its legalization is only about four decades old. Those who favor the idea of assisted suicide think individual freedoms involving personal autonomy which are experienced throughout life should not suddenly end at the end of life. They also reason that the unanimous consensus of allowing suffering animals a humane method of death when necessary should be applied to people too. Those opposed to assisted suicide contend that it is a ‘slippery slope’ which, if legalized, would encourage ever-increasing incidents of coerced...
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The Positives and the Negative Aspects of Physician Assisted Suicide

... suicide was legal, even though the issue has been the subject of contention (Antiel and Curlin, 267). In February 2012 in the Georgia State, the Supreme Court rejected a law aimed at controlling information about PAS. There have been several unfruitful efforts to legalize PAS in States such as California, Massachusetts, Maine and Hawaii. In the international front, the Physician-assisted suicide has been legalized in few countries including the Netherlands, Belgium and Switzerland. Public opinions data from 1947 to 2011 report that Americans support greater rights for individuals facing end-of-life decisions- including euthanasia and PAS (Gill, 120). This research paper focuses on physician-assisted suicide as a medical issue and theories...
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Physician Assisted Suicide

.... Some of these forces that have a say in our personal choices include, economic and financial power, religion, family background, and education and other social determinants. Physician assisted suicide is the voluntary termination of one’s own life by administration of a lethal substance through the use of indirect or direct assistance of a physician. It is the practice of delivering a competent patient with a prescription for medication for the patient to utilize with the basic intention of ending his or her own life. Physician assisted suicide has both opponents and proponents. Some people argues that physician-assisted suicide is a violation of the fundamental tenet of medical profession and believes that medical practitioners should...
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Suicide of Megan Meier

... Suicide of Megan Meier Introduction It was on October 15, 2006 that Megan Meier received really unexpected and harsh messages from her boyfriend Josh, who ended the conversation by saying that “The world would be a better place without you”. Megan had been talking to Josh for quite some while. They met on MySpace and Megan instantly fell for this person, who surprisingly enough, did not have a cell phone or landline and had just moved into town. She loved talking to such a handsome boy as she had faced problems of obesity, depression and attention deficit disorder but this friendship was really boosting her self-esteem, something, which promoted her mother from allowing her daughter to spend her time on MySpace (Long, p. 28). When...
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Statistics of Offenders to Commit Suicide

A more serious suicide problem in correctional facilities, which has come to the fore in recent times, is the gender disparity in the cases of prisoner self-harm and attempted suicide. It is rather intriguing that while they comprise only about 5% of the prison population, female prisoners are observed to attempt more self-harm and attempt suicide compared to males. Notably, between 20% and 24% of female prisoners self-harm while between 5% and 6% of male inmates self-harm every year. The study also found out that cases of self-harm were 30 times higher in female prisoners compared with the general UK population rates, which were reported to be at 0.6%. Hence, this study seeks to establish whether or not, female prisoners attempt...
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Urban Challenges Depicted in Virgin Suicide and Detroit an American Autopsy

There are very many challenges facing the modern urban centers that are compelling the residents to consider relocating to the suburban areas. However, most of these challenges are avoidable because they are caused by the negligence of both the urban authorities as well as the residents. Therefore, it is imperative to decide the best action plan to remedy this phenomenon. The two choices available are either fleeing the urban centers or finding relevant solutions to the challenges facing the urban centers.
This essay addresses the effects of suburbanization as far as urban diversity is concerned. However, it makes reference to two main books mainly the Virgin Suicide and Detroit an American Autopsy.
Numerous factors ca...
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The Effect of Using Computer-Assisted Language Learning

... The effect of using Computer-Assisted Language Learning (CALL) to Assess Listening Skill for ESL Learners INTRODUCTION Computer Assisted Language Learning (CALL) refers to the use of computer in the process of language learning. The objective of CALL is to explain about the process of language learning through the help of computer. It assists in creating an autonomous learner. In this regard, it can be stated that the significance of computers with regard to CALL has changed from being an “Input – control- feedback” to management of communication. In other words, CALL methodology in the initial years was based on the behavioral approach so that the inputs of the students could be checked and than a feedback was to be provided...
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Suicide Prevention Programs

... Suicide These days, suicide is one of the leading causes of death of young people in the United s of America, and every day people engage in self-harm activities to end their lives. Some of them do display red-flag behaviors while others do not show they have problems, and this makes detection and prevention of suicide rather difficult and very often even impossible. This means that existing suicide risk assessment programs are not enough to deal with the problem and that the community is not educated enough to be able to detect and prevent suicide of its members. The research paper is aimed at answering the following question: How serious is the issue of suicide in today’s society, and what is done and can be done to change the state...
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