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Assisted suicide should be adopted as the best way of relieving patients of their suffering.It is indisputable that doctors try their best to treat patients by diagnosing and prescribing drugs but this does not always relieve the pain,especially those with terminal illnesses such as cancer and diabetes among others,go through …
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Assisted Suicide
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"Assisted Suicide"

Download file to see previous pages Assisted suicide therefore becomes a viable option whereby the patient requests another person, for example a physician, to assist him in ending his life. The physician provides the patient with the means to commit suicide but the act itself is upon the patient to carry out. This is as opposed to euthanasia whereby the doctor is directly involved in the termination of a patient’s life (Morrison, 2008). However, there are those on the opposing side, who feel that legalizing assisted suicide will cause more harm than good. This paper is a critical evaluation of assisted suicide and why it should be advocated for.Assisted suicide is a highly controversial issue in the contemporary society. Suicide has always been viewed in bad light, especially by some religious organizations such as the Catholic Church due to the fact that Christianity teaches that God is the overall creator and as such, he is the only one who can take away life. In this context, it is believed that committing suicide denies one the right to go to heaven as it is an unforgivable sin (Foley, 2002). However, the concept of assisted suicide is not unique to the contemporary society. In ancient Greece, 1st century B.C, the practice was common and the government supported it by way of supplying lethal drugs to persons wishing to commit suicide. This was perceived as a way of preserving a person’s honor but with the advent of Christianity, the perception towards suicide changed dramatically (Weir, 2001). Technological advancements in the field of medicine have had a positive effect on public health. Due to these, patients suffering from terminal illnesses such as cancer can now live longer as medical procedures such as chemotherapy are now available. Life support machines are available in hospitals worldwide and this has helped a lot in prolonging the lives of patients suffering from chronic illnesses such as heart and kidney failure. A person suffering from diabetes can also live longer due to the availability of synthetic insulin, which must be injected into the patient at regular intervals for the remainder of his life. However, prolonging these people’s lives does not eliminate the psychological trauma and pain that they go through. Instead, it only helps to prolong the dying process, which could be painful and unbearable to the patient (Weir, 2001). Due to this, they should be allowed to determine their destiny through assisted suicide. By so doing, they would be able to manage their uncertainties by selecting a painless mode to terminate their lives. For example, a patient may instruct his doctor to unplug the life support machine so as to let him die. In addition, it would allow them to prepare their families so that it does not become difficult for them to take the news. In this context, the family would have time to bid farewell to their loved one as opposed to when they have to wait for nature to take its course. Terminal illnesses are highly expensive to manage. A person may be forced to sell his property and assets in order to afford paying for his or her medical bills. This means that such patients could utilize all their lifetime savings for this purpose and to a great extent, this would amount to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Assisted Suicide
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...Assisted Suicide Introduction Assisted suicide is a leading communal health problem in different places over the world. Looking at the United States, thousands of people commit this crime, and so this is a public health predicament requiring attention. Evidently through different statistics, assisted suicide has been recorded as the third leading cause of death for teens between the ages of fifteen and twenty four. In order to examine assisted suicide accordingly, it will be worth taking a look at different theories such as differential association and self-derogation. By definition, differential...
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...Running Head: ASSISTED SUICIDE School: Topic: Assisted Suicide Lecturer: presented: Introduction The term assisted suicide is commonly used to refer to a situation whereby a person suffering from a terminal illness is helped with the means to terminate his or her life in order to protect the patient from continued suffering (Sissela, 2005). It is a controversial action conducted by physicians especially due to the fact that it is widely believed that God is the only giver and taker of life and therefore, no human being has the authority over another’s life. Terminal illnesses are those infections that have no known cure and which can...
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...Assisted Suicide Assisted suicide takes place when an individual helps another person “voluntarily bring about his or her own death (Jamison 4).” Assisted suicide encompasses many aspects of aiding an individual in committing suicide, from buying the equipment or drugs required to physically helping the person end their life. While assisted suicide has similar characteristics to euthanasia and even physician-assisted suicide, what sets assisted suicide from the rest of these is that suicide is the result....
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