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Oregon ruling by the Supreme Court in 2006 was a decision which made it clear that that the United States Attorney General could not enforce federal laws against practitioners who prescribed drugs in accordance to the Oregon state laws in an attempt to initiate…
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I will update the topic on the files, and you need choose it in a files "choose a sub"
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Download file to see previous pages This led to the enforcement of the Oregon Death With Dignity Act which allows those physicians who have valid licenses to prescribe lethal doses to those patients who under reasonable medical judgment have only six months to live.
There is, however, a series of safeguards which are in place to help in avoiding abuse cases. One of the necessities is that the doctor must ensure that the request by the patient is voluntary and one which is well informed. When Attorney General John Ashford took office in 2001, he led efforts meant to overrule the ODWDA by giving and interpretive rule on the issue (Durke 78). In the rule, he declared that the use of controlled substances in assisted suicide was contrary to CSA and thus practitioners who practiced it would be held responsible under the law.
In the ruling made, the Supreme Court affirmed the decision which had been made by the 9th Circuit Court ruling. In the ruling, it was conclude that despite the fact that CSA gave the power of rulemaking to the attorney general; the same law prohibits the federal government from declaring a medical standard illegitimate including those standards which are authorized by the state laws. In making the decision, the court analyzed the constitutional scope of the powers of the federal government under CSA in enforcing standards. It established that there was no provision in the Act which gave the Attorney general the power to give a definition on what is considered to be the agreed or legalized medical practice. The Supreme Court judges concluded that the attorney general had the power to revoke and suspend the DEA registration of any physician if doing so will be in accordance with the interest of the public. This can happen when they are abusing prescriptions or using it in a way that is not consistent with state and federal laws. Moreover, they stated that the federal laws do not allows any ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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