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The research being analyzed is titled “ Classroom Talk for Rigorous Reading Comprehension Instruction” published in 2005 as part of the journal Reading Psychology. The research investigated “ the primary relationship between the nature of classroom talk and the degree…
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Research Analysis
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Download file to see previous pages The hypothesis being tested is : Would a certain discussion type have a significant influence on rigorous instruction?
The study adapted the concept of Academic Rigor as a means of measuring reading comprehension. This was specifically used since the researchers believed that Academic Rigor is one of the Principles of Learning that engages active use of knowledge among learners. The researchers learning expectations were quite high since they wanted to observe critical thinking among participants.
Among the literature review, the study cited Brown’s collaborative dialogue. Brown’s theory is often used in what we call collaborative classrooms” wherein knowledge is shared between teachers and students. Teachers do not only use skill but “also value and build upon the knowledge, personal experiences, language, strategies, and culture that students bring to the learning situation” ( Tinzmann,, 1990). The study also mentioned the concept of Academic Rigor which is often misunderstood. Actually , a good definition of academic rigor is “ sufficient time be devoted to a topic or unit of study and that students would have an opportunity to explore it in depth, developing questions as they go along” ( Chapter 7:A-4,, 2005). Apparently, a lot of educators today have the wrong perception of this term resulting to unmet expectations in classroom learning. The study also presented Applebee’s study on the importance of discussion-based activities. However, Adler ( 2003) emphasized that discussion is effective if it is monologic wherein the teacher does not confine the lesson through lecture and seatwork. Discussion-based is not a new concept anymore but a more important thing is how it is being implemented in the classroom. In short, the literature review emphasizes the importance of collaborative dialogue, types of classroom talks that can enhance learning and the applicability of Academic Rigor in promoting ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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