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Being the source of complete recreation and enjoyment, the profession has captured the attention of the people belonging to different cultures, communities and classes of the world at large.
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Academic mehods
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HOTEL MANAGEMENT CAREER Restaurant Manager---My Ideal Job Hotel industry is one of the most flourishing businesses of contemporary era. Being the source of complete recreation and enjoyment, the profession has captured the attention of the people belonging to different cultures, communities and classes of the world at large.
“A fresh graduate contains high aims regarding his career, as soon as he obtains university degree. But as soon as he enters the job market, he finds several hurdles on his way to climb career ladder.” (Robins, 2002: p130)
Talent is Always Hunted
“A talented graduate is always hunted by the reputed organisations. IT companies particularly offer them jobs against lucrative packages.” (Zaidi, 2008: p 172)
Restaurant Management
Hotel management is one of the fastest growing industries of contemporary world, which offers wide range of entertainment and recreation to the lovers of thrill, excitement and rejoicing.
Business Strategy Articulation
Business strategy is an imperative phenomenon that is observed by all corporate firms and organisations. The ownership expects best expertise and allocation of resources from the managers. “Adequate allocation of resources and their inclusion in strategy wins distinguished position for corporate firms.” (Johnson & Scholes, 1993: 91)
Aims and Objectives behind a successful restaurant management
Being a fresh university graduate, I dream of becoming a restaurant manager. I have following aims and objectives to run a hotel successfully:
Providing of fast, delicious and hygienic food to the customers adjacent to their workplace
Serving the business community, corporate class and their staff members within shortest possible distance by offering them quick food
Introducing an eating place under an exquisite and comfy environment
Introducing new and novel Chinese, Eastern and Western dishes under one roof
To arrange a completely entertaining atmosphere, where the visitors could watch TV, read periodicals and newspapers, listen to the music and entertain themselves with the company of family and friends by taking delicious foods of various kinds
Keys to Success
Accurate planning and strategic analysis
Suitable investment of money and time
Hard work at a stretch with devotion and dedication
Recruitment of honest, loyal, committed and experienced staff members
No compromise on quality and quantity
Innovative style, ideas and presentation
Commitment to workplace and strong feelings of success and optimism
An urge to win success at any cost
Customer-focused business strategy
Business Strategy Articulation
“A general or formal meeting of an organization”, Fenech (2005: 31) submits, “attended by representatives of its membership for the purpose of deciding legislative direction, policy matters, the election of internal committees, and approval of balance sheets, budgets, and so on is very beneficial for the future profit earning of the companies.”
Hotel Industry Pleasures
Hotel industry offers a lot of recreational opportunities and thrill to the individuals. It gives equal chances of growth in an excited environment to the professionals affiliated with and attached to this field. Hotel management in UK is quite different from that of the USA. Though both these countries observe multi-racial communities, yet patterns and mode of dining out are quite different.
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Viola, Richard H. (1987) Organizations in Changing Society: Administration and Human Values. W. B. Sauders Company London (Best seller Book of 1977)
Zaidi, M. H. (2008) Hotel Management. An unpublished Thesis Submitted to Karachi University pp 101-130 Read More
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