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The title on its own has an element of curiosity. The title named “Whats next in service for the hospitality industry, a culture of care” provokes curiosity of knowing the career that one can opt to pursue in the field of…
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Career Response
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Career Response The talk given by Jan Smith was very captivating. The on its own has an element of curiosity. The title named “Whats next in service for the hospitality industry, a culture of care” provokes curiosity of knowing the career that one can opt to pursue in the field of hospitality. The setting where of the talk took place was very endearing. It invoked a feeling of hospitality and world of comfort. The colorful, green background from where she made the presentation, the lucrative and cool podium and the way Smith presented herself on the Tedtalk had an influence on viewership and invocation of the desire to be like her in the industry of hospitality.
The talk was very short but had very detailed information. It talked about the culture of welcoming visitors. It only took 16.19 minutes to provide a wealth of information that had an intuitive influence on choosing the career on hotel management. The information given on the Tedtalk was very objective. The culture of welcoming was the main message based on her experience she went through. It started with how Smith got herself in a small home where she was given a very warm and hospitable welcome. Then the way she developed interest in the hospitality industry is very endearing and full of inspiration.
In her explanation, she was very captivating on explaining how to be warm to visitors and being happy even when frustrated. Happiness is the culture that employee in hospitality should pass down to the customer. The presentation was well inculcated with a brief history of the industry of hospitality. Another interesting aspect of the talk was the use of statistics. It increased the believability of the talk. A very endearing statistic used was that 70% of American workers are not unhappy disengaged or disinterested with their jobs. It made the entire talk very appealing and invoked the interest of joining the field since I felt I will be joining the 70% of the happy American work force in the hotel management. The Tedtalk had power of igniting dormant ambitions of anyone to the field of hospitality.
I have personally learned a lot from the talk. First how the culture of care has a profound effect on the industry of hospitality. The hotel management take more of caring and being happy to the customer and every chance to be endearing to customers. Secondly, I have learned being kind in every one because everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle. As an aspiring manager, I will be kind to any employee even if he or she is misbehaving because they could be fighting a hard battle in silence. Instead I will inquire to know why employee is misbehaving rather than request human resource to fire him or her.
Of particular interest, is that communication with the customers and employee in the hospitality industry should be geared towards increasing cohesiveness in the relationship. Generally, the Tedtalk has whetted my ambitions to join the field of hospitality with special interest in hotel management. The inspirational information given has modeled my ambitions into a strong and robust desire of being an hotelier. Smith’s presentation was in such a way that increased believability in the hotel management career.
Smith Jan. “What’s next in service for the hospitality industry, a culture of care:" YouTube. YouTube, n.d. Web. 29 Nov. 2014.
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