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The author states that is important for us to use assessment tools in order to gain knowledge on the career suitable for us.  It is good to know that there are available online career assessment tools such as  “” where four tests will help individuals determine their best careers…
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Career Assessment for Life Achievement
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Career Assessment for Life Achievement
Failing to plan, is planning to fail – this common maxim is not just for executing simple tasks but more importantly for choosing one’s career. Many individuals do not achieve success in life because of a wrong choice of career. In the United States alone, a study found out that workers assume up to 10 jobs between the ages of 18 and 38 (“Why is a Career Assessment Important?”, This means that along the way, failures are encountered by these workers making them unsatisfied with their jobs. It is therefore imperative for us to use assessment tools in order to gain knowledge on the career suitable for us.
It is good to know that there are available online career assessment tools. One of them is found in “” where four tests will help individuals determine their best careers (“Adults and Career Changes”, The most helpful one was the skills profiler. Its results are based on the inputs given by the respondents on the different categories of skills needed in the workplace. It specifically lists the occupation best suited to your personality and interests.
Personally, the least helpful assessment was the interest inventory. The test requires you to choose between two occupations without considering one’s capacity to do it – merely based on whether or not the person wants to do the job or not. I assume there are several people who judge their career path based only on their interests but not on skills. They need to consider that many occasions arise in the workplace when skills play more vital role than interests. A worker may be asked to do a job outside his specified interests but he needs to do it anyway because it’s part of his job.
Significant or not, these tools give us quite accurate assessments regarding our personality, interests, skills and values. The reports are based on our responses, so we can consider these as hypothesis, not merely guesses. For instance, in my case, the composite score lists cost estimator and credit analyst as one of my top careers. These are interesting jobs for me, because I have never tried them yet. Probably, if given the chance, I might also excel in these fields.
Other websites allow us to learn more about how these personalities can aid in choosing the right career. By being an introvert, I understand that my stimulation comes from within myself, not from external sources (“Information about Personality Types”, This made me realize that “myself” is the only person responsible for achieving success in my career life. Helpful information related to my personality is that I am capable of exhibiting “desire to help others” (“What Can I Do with My Personality Type?” Ball state It’s within my capacity to serve others through my job and I believe this is the essence of a career – finding fulfillment in life by serving others.
These bits of information offered by assessment instruments are vital bases for the planning of my career. My strengths can be enhanced and weaknesses can be worked on so that the result will be a proficient and an achieving person. Less company problems and more productivity: these are the results of using assessment instruments.

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