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Management styles. The Jefferson Clinton Hotel - Assignment Example

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The Jefferson Clinton Hotel is located in the united states and was built in the year 1927. This means that the hotel has been in existence for quite a number of years and it is still one of the most luxurious hotels in the country. Just like any other organization, this has adopted various managerial styles that help it run its day to day activities smoothly. …
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Management styles. The Jefferson Clinton Hotel
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Democratic style
This is one of the most suitable managerial styles used in any organization. Using this style, the manager does not make decisions on his own. Before any decisions are made, the manager must consult with the employees of the organization. This means that everyone is included in the decision making process. By including the employees in the decisions making process, they become motivated to work in the organization because they were involved which means they are working under the same rules that they helped to create. This management style is particularly ideal in very complex organizational settings like the Jefferson Clinton Hotel. The hotel has employed many workers and this style is the best style that can be used to manage all of them.
Persuasive style
This type of management style borrows a few skills from the autocratic management style. However, the persuasive manager remains in control over the decision making process. But this manager will spend time with his employees and try to convince them of the benefits of the decision that would be made. The employees do not have a say in the decision making process. However, the employees of the hotel feel like they are motivated because they now see the benefits of the decisions even if they were not involved in the decision making process. This management style is used in the event that decisions require to be made urgently and there is no time to go through the normal decision making process that is normally there within the hotel that involves the employees as well. 3. Consultative style This management style is more of a dictatorial management style, whereby the employees have no say in what happens. However, the decisions are made in the best interests of the employees. This means that the needs of the employees are brought forward first. Using this management style, communication between the employees and the management is mainly in a downwards direction. This means that the employees do not communicate with the employees. However, feedback is very much encouraged as it helps in boosting the morale of the employees. The manager therefore consults the employees when making a decision but the employees are not involved in the decision making process. The hotel has adopted these management styles due to the fact that there are some instances where decisions need to be made quickly and urgently. There is therefore no adequate time to go through the normal decision making process where the employees are involved in the process. The type of management style that an organization chooses to use is very important as it can help to develop the organization even further or pull it behind (Greenhaus, Callanan&Godshalk, 2009, p. 178). Leadership characteristics The manager of an organization is also the leader of the employees in that organization. This therefore means that the leader should be able to lead the employees very well. The employees look up to the employees for guidance and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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