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Discuss the need for volunteers to serve in the community and evaluate your own experience - Essay Example

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It is not possible by a government to look after all the needs of its citizens because of the limitations of resources. For example, in most of the countries, a substantial volume of…
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Discuss the need for volunteers to serve in the community and evaluate your own experience
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Download file to see previous pages The US military and medical filed has a long tradition of using the services of volunteers (Ellis). Moreover, community volunteering is essential for parish services, eradicating superstitions from the society, giving awareness to illiterate people about the needs of education, giving aids to the people when they faces some kind of natural or manmade disasters, giving aid to the physically or mentally disordered persons etc. Community volunteer services are of two kinds. In some cases the volunteers get remuneration whereas in some other cases, the volunteers extend their services free of cost. In any case, the need for community volunteers and their services are increasing in the current world as the governments have limitations in serving the public to their utmost satisfaction. This paper briefly explains the need for community volunteering and my own experience as a community volunteer.
“The United Nations proclaimed the year 2001 as the "International Year of Volunteers" to celebrate the vital contributions of volunteers worldwide” (Kimberley et al). Community volunteering is taking place in almost every country in different forms. At the time of writing this report, reports from Haiti shows that more than 100000 people dead and many injured due to a severe earthquake happened there a couple of days before. Reports show that many people are still alive under the destructed building struggling to get out from there. Community volunteers can contribute a lot in giving aid to the people of Haiti. As the Haiti administration have lot of limitations in assisting these people, the services of international community workers are essential for Haiti at present.  Rescue teams from countries including China and France have already reached the capital of Haiti (UN chief "heartened" by scale of global response to help Haiti quake victims). Haiti disaster is one ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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