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Marketing management 8 - Essay Example

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The purchasing of cruise line is high-involvement decision and the marketing manager has several responsibilities associated with it. According…
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Marketing management 8
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Consumers generally spend much more time and efforts in taking buying decision for high-involvement purchase rather than in the low- involvement decisions for routine purchases. The marketing manager who has to take high involvement purchase decision has many responsibilities. The promotion to the target market should be informative as well as extensive. Depending on a good advertisement may give necessary information for making the decision and also to know specific benefits and distinctive advantages of buying it (Lamb and Hair, 2008, p. 148). When taking decision for buying cruise line, the marketing manager is more concerned about the ultimate outcome of weighing up process and thus he has to think about how much weight to give to each one feature of the product. How much it s cost effective, profitable and how much dollars it is worth paying for the future are some of the basic thoughts of the manager.
Data collection is an expensive marketing program especially when it comes to international level. The internet based data collection and research methods are useful and cost effective to the household detergent company that plans to conduct a research among women aged 21 from all over the world.
Hague (2002) suggested that internet can be used in several ways for the primary data collection for the marketing research. Self-administered questionnaire, mail and survey methods are common methods of internet based data collection (p. 151- 153).
Conducting a random sample survey from various countries will be time consuming and expensive task. Any other forms of surveys and interviews will cause the company to spend more on the data collection as it is to be done from various countries and the attitude of public may from country to country. Creating specific software to be posted on the website or conducting online survey in association with premium online survey companies can be much effective way of data collection than other methods. It ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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