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Principles of Marketing Management - 2 - Assignment Example

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Marketing plan can be regarded as the blueprint of different activities and strategies which are directed to help in the marketing of the new or existing products and services of the organisation. In relation to this, a sound and proper marketing plan enables the organization to…
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Principles of Marketing Management - Assignment 2
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Download file to see previous pages The plan will cover different external as well as internal environmental analysis of the company for the purpose of having long term sustainability in the market and attain a better competitive position.
Ikea Estates is a sister concern of Inter IKEA Holding. The company operates in a decentralised manner in which each division of the company owns its own responsibilities. In addition to this, different business lines and operations are handled by their own managements. In this context, Ikea Estates is a separate and independent concern under the flagship of Inter IKEA Holding. This division of the group deals in real estate properties like housing. The prime quest of this division is to create long term value for the division as well as entire group with the help of making investments in properties. In addition to this, the overall operations of the organisation includes the development of new properties, land banking and undertaking of the active management the portfolio of properties that can be proved quite efficient to retrieve maximum amount of returns from the investments (Property Division 2013).
Ikea Estates was recognised as a separate division of the entire group in the year 1990, when housing and real estate market was on boom phase. This division of the country is quite expended and geographically diversified. There are 8 different European countries in which, the company has registered its footprint quite intensively. These countries are Spain, the Netherlands, the UK, Poland, Latvia, Belgium, Romania, and Lithuania ((Property Division 2013). The company is well known for its factory built housing schemes offered to the customers after the recent financial crisis. The concept of wood cladded and wonky roofed houses emerged by the company was exceptional and proved as one of the most successful business ideas after the recent financial crisis that has made the perception of people regarding real estate as an investment ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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