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Brand Extension Marketing Plan - Research Paper Example

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In the paper “Brand Extension Marketing Plan” the author analyzes the target market segments for the Al-Mara Crème and Soap, which include ladies living within the vicinity of Lavington Green Village and households within the same area. The women in the area belong to the high class segment…
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Brand Extension Marketing Plan
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Extract of sample "Brand Extension Marketing Plan"

Download file to see previous pages This aims at penetrating almost 80 percent of the target market and making it convenient for customers to access the new product. The distribution strategy is that Al-Mara Crème and Soap is easily available to its target market.       Promotion: The targeted geographical market is Lavington Green Village and this requires that were use a personalized approach to promoting our product. In this case, we will use billboards at strategic points within the estate so that a large number of the target customers can learn about our new product. The promotional material will portray an image of health and genuineness. We will asses the effectiveness of the promotional strategy using the number of sales. Marketing Research We will mainly be involved in primary marketing research with a combination of secondary research. Primary research aims at identifying our existing customers, potential customers, and the competition that we will be facing in the market for cosmetics. Secondary research will provide information such as trade associations and government reports on the general cosmetic market. Information from the two types of resources is vital in the decision making process because it is very comprehensive. Evaluation of the research information will involve an assessment of the accuracy of the decisions made and response from the market. For instance, positive feedback will indicate that the company identified the real needs of the market. Clean-So will conduct the research on its own because it is relatively cheap. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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