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Create a Problem Statement Paper - Essay Example

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They specialize in cuisine type meals such as lobster, special pastries, fine rare meats, and much more. The company currently owns three…
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Create a Problem Statement Paper
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Download file to see previous pages To offset this problem the company is taking advantage of economies of scale by having three establishments, but in the business world three establishments is not really that much, thus the firm is not truly reaping the benefits of lower material costs achieved by economies of scale. The company has to improve its advertising and marketing function. The current pricing structure of the company is unknown. The company’s pricing point might be off. It could either be too low or too high. To further research this possibility as a business analyst I would request the corporation’s financial statements.
The problem statement at for Kudler Fine Foods can be: The Company needs to improve its profitability and sales volume due to its boutique type business model. Another important variable the Kudler has to place emphasis in order to achieve a higher level of business success is superb customer service. When a client pays a premium price for service its expects the store to treat them like kings so that the person will feel good about the experience and become a returning client. Customer retention is one of the most important objectives of the marketing function of a company (Kotler, 2003).
A third area in which the company could improve its operations is in its procurement process. The company has a very large variety of exotic and unique food products. The firm is probable buying most of raw material from a small group of suppliers located in California. The business model at Kudler has potential for further expansion, but in order to do so the enterprise has to making a concerted effort to find other quality suppliers in alternate locations. Also if the firm seeks an expansion plan the current human resources capabilities are not adequate. The company has to create a systematic training system developed by a professional human resources consulting firm so that if the company decides to sell franchises ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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