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Is Neoliberalism in crisis today - Essay Example

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This is reflected in the rapid changes seen across many spheres in the world at both the macro (national) and micro (organizational) level. Many countries and their governments have changed their…
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Is Neoliberalism in crisis today
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Download file to see previous pages In other words, a change towards a neo-liberalized world is taking place. Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher had adopted such an approach much earlier as a means to economic growth and welfare of the citizens. But recent events like the global recession have brought about doubts regarding the long term effects of neo-liberalism. This paper looks at the impact of neo-liberalization with regard to organizational change at the macro and micro levels in the world today. It will review whether this concept is relevant and whether its future as a saviour of mankind is in peril. The paper will first review the concept of organizational change at micro and micro levels. It will then discuss the concept of neo-liberalism and then review its impact on organizational change.
Change in organizations has been studied seriously by many authorities from diverse fields such as management, psychology, anthropology and sociology. Prominent among them are Kurt Lewin and John Kotter. This is what authors from the field of management have to say about the two authorities mentioned above. Richard Swanson, a noted authority on human resources development says that “The classic metatheory of change is Kurt Lewin’s (1951) field theory. This theory remains at the core of most change theories” (Swanson & Holton 2001, p. 137).
About Kotter, authors George Manning and Kent Curtis has this to say - “There are many models for understanding organizational change. One of the best is an eight-stage process provided by John Kotter of Harvard University” (Manning & Curtis 2002, p. 281). These two theories apart from those propounded by others form a framework for implementing organizational change. But what is important in this context is the impact of neo-liberalism on organizational change. As mentioned earlier, the business world is changing ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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