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Application/Analysis Paper - Essay Example

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In my case, it is a little different because I am in the military.
As a United States soldier, I have been a leader for years. I lead…
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Application/Analysis Paper
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Download file to see previous pages I think that an individual must build rapport quickly with others and be able to stay cool under fire and keep a cool head. There are many stressful situations as a soldier, whether you are deployed or not, and an individual must be able to deal with these situations as they come up without falling apart.
Some of the weaknesses I see in some of those that I lead are that many of them are young and have not had a lot of structure at home. They make a lot of mistakes that can cause them problems in the field when they are deployed, especially in a different country. I have some soldiers who are afraid or unsure of themselves and these are weaknesses that I feel that a company of soldiers cannot keep if they are going to make good soldiers. I also think that if they are not able to think quickly on their feet, they will be in trouble later. I think that what I can learn from these strengths and weaknesses as a leader is that I can strive to train those under my leadership as best I can. I find that I as a leader I am definitely a coach and project group leader. I have to come up with ways of motivating my troops to do the right thing at all times. I have to ensure that they strive for success. This means that I have to create strong, physically fit soldiers so they can endure situations that may come up in deployment. I have also learned how to be empathetic without coddling my troops. I think it is important that they are able to talk about what they need in terms of their development, within reason. Many of them are young and unruly when they come to the military and it is important for them to understand their role in the bigger picture.
As a follower, I have to work as part of a team. I also have to be able to listen and take orders easily and remember that my role as a follower is not the same as a leader. I have to work to get a job done well and always be able ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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