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The Analysis of the Effectiveness of 3 Food Applications - Research Paper Example

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This paper reviews the effectiveness of food applications, Fooducate, Eat24, and Foodspotting. Their strength and weakness have been determined and compared. Foodspotting and Eat24 enable the users to locate restaurants and dishes of their interest, while Fooducate, is more of a healthy eating guide…
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The Analysis of the Effectiveness of 3 Food Applications
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Download file to see previous pages Currently, there are a lot of applications with different effects as far as service provisions are concerned. A number of usability issues have also become more prevalent, as the ease with which these applications can be developed and distributed increases. In this paper, three types of food applications available in the market are being reviewed. These are Eat24, Fooducate and Foodspotting. Their effectiveness will be evaluated while stating their strengths and weaknesses thereafter (Lonczak, 2011).
First and foremost is the Foodspotting application. This is a renowned visual guide to good food, where one can find and share great dishes, not only in restaurants. In addition to reviewing restaurants, one can find and share their best dishes using photos. If undecided on what to eat, the application can really help. This feature allows the user to determine the nearest best and latest foods around them. One can find a particular food they really miss or even look up to a hotel to find out their best delicacy at that time. Focusing on its application, Foodspotting has proven to be very beneficial, especially to those who are a big fan of food. It allows the user to locate a new restaurant and interesting food dishes to try in their area. It also permits, the user to share their favorite food dishes with interested parties so that they can experience such delicacies.
That being said, the strength of this application is easy to figure out. One such strength is that enables the user to locate the best restaurants and dishes in their location of interest. It also enables the user to recommend friends and to see their recommended foods and places. The interface is very attractive and easy to use. With this information, you can be able to criticize local food while applauding others. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Analysis of the Effectiveness of 3 Food Applications Research Paper.
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