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Overall effectiveness of self managed teams - Admission/Application Essay Example

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With regards to the overall effectiveness of self-managed teams, the understanding of how these work, their drawbacks, and strengths must be integrated with in order to realize the full potential and weaknesses that they portend. Firstly, the self managed team represents a…
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Overall effectiveness of self managed teams
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Extract of sample "Overall effectiveness of self managed teams"

Section/# Self Managed Teams: An Analysis and Review With regards to the overall effectiveness of self-managed teams, the understanding of how these work, their drawbacks, and strengths must be integrated with in order to realize the full potential and weaknesses that they portend. Firstly, the self managed team represents a unique opportunity for the shareholders to rapidly expand knowledge and gain a degree of planning and organizational freedom that would not be feasible if the team were managed or directed from outside of the group. This is due to the fact that the team is able to set a degree of boundaries which can seek to guide and focus its energies throughout the process.
A secondary benefit is the level of decision making and problem solving that a self-managed team is able to engender. Once again, due to the fact that direction and scope is not managed from outside of the unique environment that ultimately develops, the team is able to function in a more concentrated and meaningful means to effect the goals that it sets for itself. However, such a level of freedom and self-determination necessary leads the analysis to some of the shortcomings that the self-managed team engenders.
This shortcoming is of course the fact that the self-managed team finds it much easier to stray off topic and engage with subject matter that is far outside the scope of what was originally intended with the given project. Moreover, due to the fact that a level of outside oversight is not present, the means by which key shareholders within the group can seemingly hijack the process and divert the problem solving abilities of the group into something of a contest between opposing views necessarily reduces the effectiveness that such an entity could otherwise possess. This should not be understood to mean that the overall effectiveness of a self managed team is somehow less than that of a non-self managed team; rather, it merely indicates some of the key shortcomings that such an entity espouses by its very definition.
Finally, the self-managed team is has the benefit of being the most basic and organic generator of abstract and unique ideas. Due to the fact that the self-managed team can oftentimes approach a situation without the prior bias that a non-self managed team can, these teams are highly utilized to seek to engage with otherwise intractable issues that have proven to be detrimental to an entity or organization (Lizzio & Wilson 375). This of course does not mean that the self-managed team is only and specifically useful for integrating with abstract and original issues; instead, it merely indicates what key strengths lie in this particular style of organization.
Whereas the self-managed team experiences the preceding strengths and weakness that have been enumerated upon, it shows the researcher/reader the means by which such an organizational approach can seek to ameliorate the key concerns that may be present. In this way, seeking to engage the self-managed group at the right time and in the right place is key to realizing a degree of success.
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Lizzio, Alf, and Keithia Wilson. "Self-Managed Learning Groups In Higher Education: Students Perceptions Of Process And Outcomes." British Journal Of Educational Psychology 75.3 (2005): 373-390. Academic Search Complete. Web. 24 Mar. 2013. Read More
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(Overall Effectiveness of Self Managed Teams Admission/Application Essay)
Overall Effectiveness of Self Managed Teams Admission/Application Essay.
“Overall Effectiveness of Self Managed Teams Admission/Application Essay”, n.d.
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