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As an example, most will have to deal with more prejudice or racism from their own communities than within certain LBG communities. Also, they may not be open to counseling because of…
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350440 Sxwk8 Assignment This chapter was primarily about how minority LGBs have different challenges than other LGBs. As an example, most will have to deal with more prejudice or racism from their own communities than within certain LBG communities. Also, they may not be open to counseling because of this additional stress (p. 122).
Bohan also points out that each minority will have a different way of dealing with homosexuality. As an example, African Americans many have some support from their community but "tolerance depends on silence about ones homophilic identity …" (p. 131). Another example is the South Asian LGBs who are "largely closeted in their own communities.." (p. 135) because of their cultural mores.
It can be assumed that all LGB people are "the same" and have the same experiences. According to Bohan, this is not true. In my own experience, I have seen many different LBGs and it seems that there were many differences. As an example, some whites seemed to be more open than minority LGBs. In hearing some of their stories, it seemed to take longer for minorities to "come out" because they were afraid they would be rejected by their families.
Assignment 2
I found it interesting that LGBs come to midlife that they seem freer than they did when they were younger. I could understand why however. Bohan says that it is because there is "an absence of traditional gender roles allowed by LGB may make midlife a more fulfilling period for LGBs…" (p. 159). I think that this is part of it.
I also think that at a certain time and space LGBs just get tired of not living their life in the way they want. This comment also reminded me of something that Fee (2006) said regarding transgendered identity. They make the point that when we only have two genders, it is difficult for people who do not fit one of these categories to define an identity (p. 1). It would seem that LGBs would have somewhat of a struggle deciding how to be within a specific gender and are able to release that as they grow older.
Bohan, J.S. (1996). Psychology and sexual orientation: Coming to terms. NY: Routledge.
Fee, A. (2006). Transgendered identities. (no other info on this). Read More
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