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Gay Parents - Research Paper Example

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Subject October 30, 2011 Gay Parenting        Family is the fundamental institution of human life bonded by interpersonal companionships and unending commitment and love. It is the family that provides strength, care and support to the children and walks them through infancy and adolescence to a bright future molding them to become better citizens…
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Gay Parents
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Download file to see previous pages From a single heterosexual family, it diversified in to “intentionally childless families, families of separated parents, single-parent families, step-families, blended-families, families of same-sex parents, families in which the children are conceived with donated gametes and/or reproductive technologies” (Short et al. 4) bi-parental families and multi-parental families.       A significant change in this diversification of family structure began when lesbian women and gay men parented children by fostering and adoption. Adoption procedures in the US earlier revolved around the condition of a nuclear family formed of a socially recognized and accepted structure called marriage that consisted of a man and a woman. Today, the concept of ‘Family’ has been challenged and revolutionized to comprise the new social structures formed out of Same-Gender marriages.        Due to the increased diversification in the concept of family towards the 1970’s, the field and scope for family research also expanded. These studies explored and documented the newly emerged family forms and investigated the public concern about the co-habiting of same-gender couples and same-sex marriages. Many psychologists and researchers also investigated the effect of these diversified families had on children brought up by them.  These researchers came across various negative comments that existed against the same-gender families and verified them in detail to find out and differentiate the family factors contributing to children’s well being as well as those that do not.        This paper discusses the most prevalent arguments against and in favor of gay parenting and also about the socio-psycho effects of gay parenting on children raised by them. For this, research studies conducted by psychologists and scholars and literature reflecting the life of homo-gender families are considered.  The parenting skills of heterosexual families and homo-gender families and the physical and psychological development of the children raised by them are also compared in this paper.        The topic of gay parenting invites attention to gay marriage, “because the inability to marry is a big part of what makes child rearing so fraught with legal difficulties for gay parents. What most people object to about gay marriage is the notion of sanctifying homosexual relationships in the same way as heterosexual relationships. This is because, for most people, marriage is first and foremost a religious celebration” (Blakeslee 285). Same-gender marriages, nowadays, are recognized by the general public and are also given moral support. But, gay and lesbian families are the social minority, who are segregated and marginalized on grounds of the accepted notions of the traditional institution of heterosexual marriage. “A child born to a heterosexual married couple … is automatically in the custody of both the mother and the father at the moment of its birth. In a gay household, one parent typically has initial custody, whether a child enters the family through artificial insemination or adoption” (Blakeslee 285).        Gay couples are discouraged from parenthood by the majority heterosexual societal members on the account of arguments such as (1) ” ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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