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Land Law Assessed Coursework - Essay Example

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His first project has resulted in him buying ‘The Hollies’ from an old acquaintance, Luke. The Hollies is a substantial property with several acres of land and numerous…
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Land Law Assessed Coursework
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Download file to see previous pages Firstly, he noticed Eve leading several goats into the garden of The Hollies. Simon told her that he was now the owner and that she had to remove the goats, but she produced a document described as a deed dated 1988 granting Eve the right to graze goats in the garden “for the rest of her life”.
Secondly, he discovered that he couldn’t get into one of the outhouses. Simon had visited the property before buying and recalled glancing into the outhouse and seeing a man (Adam) working on a lathe. Simon asked him what he was doing there and Adam replied “give me a minute mate, this bit is very tricky”. Simon hung around for a minute or two, but then left to continue his inspection of The Hollies. However, now that Simon has purchased the property, he is aghast to see that Adam arrives in his van at 8:00 am every weekday morning to begin work in the outhouse claiming that he has a right to do so. Simon asked for evidence and was shown a document granting Adam exclusive possession of the outhouse for 5 years at £50 per month. The document was dated 1st January 2008 and had been signed by both Adam and the previous owner, Luke. However, there was a gap on the document where their signatures should have been witnessed.
Finally, Peter, Luke’s former partner arrived at The Hollies claiming that he has an interest in the property. It transpires that Peter and Luke separated several months ago and Peter has been on an extended holiday since the break-up. Apparently, Luke bought the property originally and put it in his sole name for ‘tax reasons’. Peter always understood that the reality was that they owned the property between them and as such, Peter ensured that he paid all of the bills enabling Luke to meet the mortgage repayments. Simon told Peter that he’d had a good look around the property before buying and didn’t recall seeing any evidence of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Land Law Assessed Coursework Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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