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Should junk food advertising (advertising food with high sugar/fat/salt content) be banned in Australia - Essay Example

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The effect of advertising particularly of junk food marketing has been an important issue in regard to the wider discourse of the relationship of children and the media and its impact on their health. Strong evidence points to its direct relationship with the rising trend of…
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Should junk food advertising (advertising food with high sugar/fat/salt content) be banned in Australia
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Download file to see previous pages The controversy in regard to advertising food is anchored on two main issues. The first is when food marketing presents false and misleading claims and the second is when it contributes to the increasing health problem among its target audience. The latter is particularly fundamental in the call for the advertising ban of junk foods targeted towards children. According to Hayes and Laudan (2008), marketing is held to be partly responsible for the worsening health problems especially of children because so much money is being spent on food advertising that pander unhealthful foods. (682) This report would argue in favor of the advertising ban on junk foods targeted towards children in Australia based on one important argument: Children are not yet capable of making wise food choices and that they cannot distinguish what is information from pure sales pitch. This is the reason why marketing junk food to children
About $3 billion is spent annually on designing packaging specifically aimed at children, and lines of food have been developed to appeal specifically to children. Such foods often contain a lot of added sugar and coloring. Food companies have created friendly mascots, built playgrounds in restaurants, included toys in their products, and developed Web sites and online games. In addition, child psychologists have been enlisted to help craft commercial messages that appeal to children’s desire to have fun, feel independent or be popular. (682)\
The attention, as demonstrated by the above evidences, on children as a target market is driven by the fact that children could prove to be a lucrative market. Research on spending patterns as documented by Paul Foxman (2004), for instance, reveals that children under twelve years old spend more than $11 billion of their own money and that they also influence family spending decisions worth another $165 billion on food, household items, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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