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Neo Pets - Case Study Example

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This paper is a case study on Neopets. In this case study some important questions and answers, which may help in the growth of the Neopets gaming solution are discussed. It was started by two college students, namely, Adam Powell and Donna Williams, they launched the Neopets in the year 1999…
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Neo Pets
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Download file to see previous pages How do you think Neopets can prevent its concept from becoming a fad? Most of the children’s products will last only for a short period in the particular market, thereafter they will be out of the market or in other words, they will become the fad. That is it will be a temporary trend to use a particular product. There are some children’s products like Ninja turtles and Hula Hoops which did not run for a long period. In this era, there is an increase in the number of people who are interested in playing games, particular males in the age group of around 20. So the company should consider the adults also while designing the games so that it can be there in the market for a long period. Though Neopets was started as an online gaming solution, later it started its offline operation also. (Chapter 16, Marketing globally).
The company is having a business strategy, which can be changed as and when required and ensures that its products are not becoming the fad. And also the customers or the users should not get bored with the product. If so the product will soon become the fad. “A lot of goods do not become the fad because they maintain their usefulness for longer periods of time, and people tend not to become bored with them.” (Bergman, (n.d).
It is a commonly known business fact that, the mouth-to-mouth advertisement by the satisfied customers is the best and inexpensive advertisement. Even then, the organization can test other methods of advertising. Advertising on the internet will have more response. The internet usage among the adults has increased, so the company can give advertisement about their products on the internet rather than in television. The company can also place advertisements in front of the primary and secondary schools. That will attract the students to Neopets. And also, it can conduct marketing campaigns exclusively targeting the children.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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