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Critically evaluate the extent to which intangible resources can be used to legitimise management authority in organisations - Essay Example

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This is because effectiveness of managers and other authorities can only be legitimized when effective use of these resources is made sure. In any…
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Critically evaluate the extent to which intangible resources can be used to legitimise management authority in organisations
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Extract of sample "Critically evaluate the extent to which intangible resources can be used to legitimise management authority in organisations"

Download file to see previous pages Thus, they are the assets, which the company must recognize as its significant components, which are rather better determinants of the company’s performance than the actual money it generates (Cameron, pp. 88-92, 2004).
Most authors and intellectuals, today, focus on the need of knowledge workers in the modern industry to keep the ship sailing. They are of the opinion than in this uncertain world, where downsizing and losses in one company, may also affect the situation in another company, located way far from the host (TSG, p.1, 2009). On the other hand, increase in demand of a product or a service in one country, may also lead to increase in demand of the same product in some other culturally distinct country. Economic insecurity may often liquidate tangible resources with no prior notice and the global dilemma of interrelated companies, put greater expectations on the managers to control and organize the information from around the world on their fingertips. In these difficult times, human resource, as the intangible resource of the company, is the most effective tool to cope up with changing situations (Andriessen, p.1 2004).
Today’s era is information era and all the stake of the companies requires handling and managing information critically. This information may include knowledge about the product or service cost, employees’ needs and concerns, competitors in the market, company’s capital at hand etc. Managing company information carefully means that internal members of the organization take good care of the power entrusted upon them and channelized the information attained properly down the hierarchy. According to management research, much of the company’s progress depends on the top managements efforts to align the company’s resources. With regard to intangible resources, strategic competitiveness is much dependent on the way lower staff, age, workload, education standard, job performance, and empowerment ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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