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Apart from the fact that he is done brilliantly in his academics and is the current year’s top trainee, Steve has also done a successful summer internship in AgFunds. The only…
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Marketing (ethics) - URGENT- needed within 8 hours
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Memorandum Peter Jones, AgFunds Cynthia Mitchell 23 December, 2009. Recruitment of Steve Ripley This is to inform you that I would like to recruit Steve Ripley as Trainee marketing Executive. Apart from the fact that he is done brilliantly in his academics and is the current year’s top trainee, Steve has also done a successful summer internship in AgFunds. The only seemingly drawback is that he is black and may not be accepted by the clients in Arkansas district. But I seriously believe that this is not significant in the current case because the company has been losing business for the last 15 years despite there being no black market representatives!
In the fast changing environment of globalization and advancing technology, leadership initiatives in business decisions become extremely important part of organizational performance. Indeed, affirmative actions encourage creativity and innovative practices that give a unique perspective to participatory approach. It also facilitates adaptability to changing equations, which occur due to rapidly changing environment of emerging business processes and societal norms that is increasingly becoming pluralistic. In the rapid globalization, it is imperative that organizations look beyond the racial prejudices and include diversity in their core strategy so as to exploit their vast potential. The organizational performance of the last 15 years makes it imperative for the managerial leadership to formulate new policies and strategies that would create encouraging and credible business environment and promote confidence building among various stakeholders. The huge potential of Steve needs to be exploited for the benefit of AgFunds.
Another very important point is that the positive relationships inculcate positive attitude and self confidence amongst the various stakeholders, including customers. The positive attitude would help promote strategies that would help overcome the problems and seek solutions that would encourage better understanding and emotional adjustment with the changes. Montgomery (2008) asserts that leadership initiatives become crucial because managerial leadership is ‘more about getting the idea right at the outset than living with strategy over time...strategy must be a dynamic tool for guiding the development of a company over time’. It is time to look beyond the color of skin and make merit the major factor for creating effective and result oriented marketing team. Hence, Steve becomes a natural choice.
Indeed, the agricultural community of rural Arkansas needs to be buoyed with innovative ideas and products and services that would significantly improve their agricultural outputs. We need to create value based mission and vision of the company that evolve with changing times to incorporate the changing preferences of the people. Steve is a brilliant marketer and we need to have more confidence in the potential of people so that they are able to deliver. Indeed, our confidence and our perception of issues is vital link that would be cascading down to the customers. Racial prejudices are just misconceived ideas that have done no good for the 15 years. I therefore, strongly believe that Steve is going to be that building block which would greatly facilitate the beginning of improved performance outcome of AgFunds.
Montgomery, Cynthia A. (2008). Putting Leadership Back into Strategy. Harvard Business Review, January. Read More
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