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The standard policy of new technology applied in distribution power network - Essay Example

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In the recent scenario, considering the rising price of energy and augmenting global warming, there has been a spurt in the support for achieving energy saving and gaining operational efficiency in all types of distribution systems. The utilities market is paying more than…
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The standard policy of new technology applied in distribution power network
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Download file to see previous pages not merely includes within its ambit, interlinked transmission systems, but moves ahead to encompass all the aspects of energy industry that is energy generation, transmission, distribution and consumption (Saint 2009). It includes within its scope, the energy related technicalities at the household and industrial level. It is a pity that in the last few years, much stress has been laid on developing efficient household and industrial complex distribution and transmission models; a commensurate enthusiasm was not shown in developing smart distribution networks. In this context, the concept of Smart Grid is path breaking and ingenious. There is no denying the fact that the US Energy Policy and Security Act of 2007 is a trail blazing strategy that has laid down the framework for standardizing policies pertaining to new technologies in the distribution power networks (Saint 2009). The strategy enshrined in this document not only aspires to achieve maximum reliability and obliterating any barriers to the development and deployment of Smart Grid, but also intends to gain in terms of energy savings and making cost effective investments in the realm of Smart Grid (Saint 2009).
The standard policy towards energy distribution in the developed countries around the world tends to encourage the modernization of transmission and distribution systems, while making way for dependable, fool proof and reliable power infrastructure that can adjust to and accommodate any future alterations in demand and technology. The crux of the Smart Grid is to facilitate a demand response that is in consonance with the ethos of free markets and economies, and also enables the consumers to have a proactive role in adjusting their energy needs to the changing prices (Saint 2009). At the same time it intends to exploit all the possible power generation and storage options, by it the wind, solar or bio energy (Saint 2009). The eventual idea is to forge such an approach towards energy generation and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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