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Electric Power Industry - Assignment Example

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This paper "Electric Power Industry" focuses on the electrical systems that were developed during the last century on the basis of large central generating units. This feed into an interconnected high voltage transmission and lower voltage distribution network.  …
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Electric Power Industry
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Extract of sample "Electric Power Industry"

Download file to see previous pages The UK government, in particular, has set a range of energy-related targets that reflect on the environmental concerns, through advocating for increased contribution on renewable electricity technologies together with a combined heat and power as well as reduction in greenhouse gas emissions to which the electricity industry is a major contributor. This thesis investigates the structural framework of electricity allocation and supply networks in the UK, which will be required for an electricity system that supports a greater proportion of intermittent renewable and embedded electricity generation. The existing government policy, commercial frameworks among other regulatory standards required motivating the development of future transmission and distribution networks will be analyzed.
After the Second World War, the UK had over 560 or fewer electricity suppliers of which one-third is represented by private suppliers. Under the act of 1943, the electricity supply in the north of Scotland was placed under North of Scotland Hydro-Electric Board a public corporation established to develop the water power resources of the highlands (Haugland, 1997, pp. 28). Later on, under the electricity industry in England, Wales and Scotland was reorganized and nationalized. This act so the establishment of the British Electricity Authority as a public corporation responsible for generation and transmission of electricity as well as finances of the supply industry.
According to Kennedy (1999, p.124), the act also created 14 area boards, among them 12 were from England and two from Wales and southern Scotland with each of them constituting a separate public corporation responsible for distributing a retailing of the electricity in its own identified region. The Electricity Act of 1957 reorganized the electricity industry in England and Wales. These Acts had a driven objective in introducing decentralization, with Central Electricity Authority replaced by two new statutory bodies the Central Electricity Generating Board (CEGB) and the UK Electricity Council.   ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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