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Electro-Motion Devices - Essay Example

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Electro-Motion devices are evolving in a number of applications. In many environments, devices operated by electric power have been developed. This is the case with the petrochemical and process industries as well. The process industries work by suitably controlling the temperatures, pressures and flow of the chemicals through their pipes and ducts…
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Electro-Motion Devices
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Extract of sample "Electro-Motion Devices"

Download file to see previous pages This novel electro-motion device has been explained in the paper below.
The common electro-motion devices comprise of the normal rotary machines running on both AC and DC power supply. In addition to these, electro-motion devices also produce linear motion, controlled rotary and linear motions. On most of the occasions, the linear motion in an electro motion device is produced using rotary equipment. For long traveling devices, motors are used with appropriate capacity. Stepper motors and servo controlled motors are normally used for small and incremental movements needed out of electro motion devices. These motors are normally rotating devices. They are not directly producing linear movement. However, there are devices which produce controlled linear movement. Uncontrolled linear devices are used in high speed trains typically, the bullet trains. In some special applications, rotating devices need to be controlled to an accurate angle. This kind of controlled movement becomes a tough implementation because of the motor's speed and the reduction that might be required. These are normally used for controlling the movement of telescopes and antennas in radar systems.
The electro motion device for rotation control is a common requirement. ...
The ball valve is normally operated using either a mechanical lever or a rotating member or it could be a pneumatically operated valve. The ball valves are used to control the flow rate and could be placed in any of the angles to control the flow. In order to realize this, an electro motion device is used more comfortably rather than use one of the indicated methods.
The design consists of a large gear wheel connected to a standard AC motor. This motor to gear ratio is predetermined in such a way that the motor has to rotate about 100 times to realize one complete rotation of the gear wheel. One rotation of the gear wheel will, in turn, open the valve fully. If the gear wheel is to be rotated only through half of the rotation, then the valve will be open ninety degrees. The design of the gear wheel has to take into consideration the size of the motor drive gear. The ratio between them has to be one hundred ensuring that the motor rotates one hundred times to open the valve fully.
By controlling the motor and the number of times it could rotate, the opening of the valve could be controlled. The percentage opening obtained is exactly proportion to the number of rotations that the motor has performed. If it has rotated twenty times, then the valve is open for twenty percent. The same logic is maintained for one hundred percent opening too.
The working of the device varies with the options that are required. In the process industries where such devices are put to use, the electro motion ball valve can be used in any of the following applications:
1. Steam handling
2. Non Corrosive liquid handling
3. Corrosive liquid handling
4. Gas handling
5. Sludge or semi solid handling
Depending on the viscosity of the fluid that is ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Electro-Motion Devices Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 Words.
“Electro-Motion Devices Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 Words”, n.d.
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